The opportunity for manufacturers to change business models through connected products

Manufacturers find themselves in an increasingly complex environment. Product sales alone are not delivering the results that shareholders and leaders want, driving many manufacturers to turn to after-sales services for revenue and profit growth.

This whitepaper from IDC assesses how the rise of connected products is offering a prime opportunity for manufacturers to shift their traditional product-centric sales model to a model that delivers ‘outcomes’ through a combination of products and services – in other words, product-service systems.


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Augmented reality for the industrial enterprise: A hands-on introduction to rapid AR development

O’Reilly Media explores how AR can help organizations gain unique insight into many different processes; from manufacturing, assembly and construction to real estate and education

Many companies today are using AR to achieve significant time and cost savings, while expanding the skills of their employees.

In this eBook from O’Reilly Media, you will:

  • Look at a business justification for AR through a detailed case study
  • Learn why AR is a key tool for digitally transferring the knowledge of skilled workers and for gaining cross-domain skills
  • Learn about the technology leaders who are exploring, refining and creating different ways of using, building and piloting AR programs
  • Create AR content with a hands-on tutorial from ThingWorx Studio
  • Examine strategies for AR growth and learn how to cash in financially and ethically from AR over the next 5 years

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AR: Improving efficiency across the value chain with digital product visualisation

ABI Research explores the business benefits of Augmented Reality for product development and sales

Design review and demonstration have become increasingly important for product development and sales. However, there are several obstacles that can prevent a company from fully realizing their product’s potential.

ABI Research explores how Augmented Reality improves product development and sales in three key areas:

  • Product Visualization and Interaction: Reduce the time required to design, iterate and sell products
  • Real-Time Collaboration and Remote Service: Reduce travel costs via AR- enabled communication
  • Workflow Guidance: Increase worker efficiency and reduce error rates

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Prepare to succeed with the IoT: Manufacturing, energy, transportation, and more

Right now, leading companies are jumping into an ‘IoT arms race’, including manufacturing, energy, utilities, mining, transportation, aerospace, process control, and many more.

There are plenty of growth opportunities to go around – however the best opportunities will go to those who start early and expand with the market.

This whitepaper from Cisco shows organisations how to prepare to succeed with the Internet of Things. Your competitors are planning their success in digital transformation: here’s how to leap ahead of them.

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