Whitepaper: Lead Within Your Industry With Edge AI

Edge AI, the combination of Edge Computing and AI techniques has become instrumental for industries eager to capitalise on AI's potential.

Across diverse sectors, Edge AI deployments are burgeoning, offering solutions for a multitude of use cases. From intelligent forecasting in energy to monitoring production lines and implementing predictive maintenance in manufacturing, to enhancing inventory management and optimising store layouts in retail, the opportunities presented by Edge...

DataOps Can Build the Foundation For Your Generative AI Ambitions

This insightful webinar unveiled the findings of EXL’s recent commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting, and examined the landscape of data operations across the US and UK. Forrester’s comprehensive research and custom surveys targeting 158 analytics leaders in line of business and data quality/governance roles revealed key insights that pave the way for data transformation.

Key takeaways:

DataOps and Generative AI: Discover how DataOps serves as the...

Ultimate Guide to Implementing Digital Workspaces with HP Anyware


In recent years, businesses have adopted digital workspaces to enable a seamless and productive hybrid work experience. As a result, chief information officers (CIOs) and ITDMs have had to pivot strategies to select, deploy and manage secure, scalable digital workspace software. This e-guide explores essential aspects and the key considerations of digital workspace planning, infrastructure, and security, offering valuable insights for CIOs and ITDMs

4 Key...

How to Create Secure, Collaborative and Productive Digital Workspaces Whitepaper, powered by HP

Overview:The workplace has changed significantly over the past few years with the rapid adoption of hybrid work. Organizations across all industries can leverage digital workspaces to implement hybrid work models that (1) provide employees with a superior user experience, (2) meet security, productivity and employee satisfaction goals for the business, and (3) are manageable for IT.

4 Key Takeaways:

How to Deploy Digital Workspaces & Address Hybrid Challenges Adding...

On-Demand Webinar with EXL – The Future of CX: Matching Speed of Your Customer

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About The Webinar

Thanks to rapidly accelerating digital behaviours, organizations need data-driven insights and solutions that create a complete 360-degree view of their customers. To stay ahead of your competition, businesses must now satisfy customers on multiple touchpoints — anytime, anywhere.

Join senior leaders from, EXL Service, Etraveli, Stanley Black &...

On-Demand Webinar with Starmind: Human-Centric Knowledge Management, the solution leaders need to accelerate time to market 

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About the webinar

As a business leader in a competitive industry, you already know that speed to market is a critical differentiator. Your organization’s success depends on your ability to quickly deliver new innovative products or solutions. Inaccessible knowledge threatens to slow down productivity and cross-functional collaboration in large organizations. Human-centric...

On-Demand Webinar with IBM: Sustainability and resilience through AI-driven asset management: “Doing well by doing good”

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Resilience and sustainability are inextricably linked. Consumers are demanding them, and governments are mandating them. These twin values represent an imperative for organizations that operate on long-time scales and trade in finite resources.  The move to more sustainable and resilient operations will take decades, but there are quick wins available to innovators in the...

On-Demand Webinar: The Pursuit of Zero D – Evolving Manufacturing Operations with Smarter Asset Management

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Increasing manufacturing productivity has been at the heart of every industrial revolution; companies look to transform the way they manufacture, improve and distribute their products by integrating digital innovations into their production facilities and throughout their operations to drive a competitive advantage.

However, while this fourth industrial revolution...

On-Demand Webinar: The Evolution of the Workplace and the Opportunity to Embrace New Technologies For Change

About The Webinar

As businesses move from largely home-based working to a hybrid model, it raises challenges such as how to leverage the benefits and successes of home working and apply them in a hybrid work environment. Technology considerations include rising technology costs, telephony requirements and how to adopt effective and productive working practices. As a result, there has been a surge in businesses reviewing their communication technology to adapt to this changing...

Relimetrics Whitepaper: Computer Vision Advances Zero-Defect Manufacturing

Electronics manufacturers operate in a challenging environment. It’s hard enough to keep up with the ever-accelerating rate of change in the industry. Now customers want increasingly specialized product variations in less time and of higher quality. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THIS FREE WHITEPAPER FROM RELIMETRICS

Did you know Relimetrics are sponsoring the upcoming IoT in Manufacturing Congress?

IoT Manufacturing Congress North America, 18 May 2021 (MDT), is a...