Steven Drewett, Concept13: On picking robust IoT solutions to address modern challenges

Modern life is full of challenges that are testing us as businesses, as individuals, and even as humankind. The IoT is all about providing decision-makers with faster and more valuable data to address such challenges now and in the future.

Concept13 is an IoT strategy consultancy with vast experience crafting bespoke solutions for multiple industries. The company mixes its own knowledge with real-world testing and even RF mapping to ensure optimal deployments on a case-by-case...

The role of IoT in fuelling the EV charging revolution

Securing net carbon emissions by 2030

With COP26, the UN Climate Change Conference, taking place in Glasgow in November, the spotlight is on the UK government to accelerate work already underway towards the goals of the Paris Agreement and the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change. Primarily, the goal of COP26 is to secure global net-zero carbon emissions by mid-century and keep the target of restricting temperature rise to 1.5 degrees within reach. To achieve this goal, the...

Urban-Air Port and Hyundai are building 65 electric airports for cleaner travel

A partnership between UK startup Urban-Air Port and Hyundai will result in the creation of 65 electric airports for cleaner urban air travel.

Transport is one of the biggest polluters but is essential for logistics, work, and leisure. While consumers and businesses are increasingly converting to electric ground vehicles, air travel remains a carbon-intensive industry.

Urban-Air Port is among the leading innovators working to develop the infrastructure required to launch...