The evolution of software monetisation: From protecting revenue to enabling growth

Fuelled by the growth of cloud computing, advancements in mobile technology, virtualisation and applications that are hosted on the internet, modern businesses are moving away from outright purchasing software.

In the past, vendors sold software as ‘all-in-one’ packages, designed to tackle numerous use cases. Now, however, there is a need for software to only tackle specific issues, meaning that consumers and businesses do not require the restrictive packages vendors traditionally offered. Regardless...

By Jamie Longmuir, 10 March 2017, 0 comments. Categories: Enterprise, IoT.

Why combining software monetisation and IoT is the future of manufacturing


In an increasingly connected world, where every business is now trying to be a technology company, manufacturers are at a crossroads. Those on the hardware side are waking up to the realisation that their industry is starting to embrace software, and the benefits it brings to themselves and their customers, and they must decide if they want to follow suit.

This transition to software brings with it the opportunity for manufacturers to unlock previously untapped revenues and technologies...

By Jamie Longmuir, 26 July 2016, 0 comments. Categories: Enterprise, IoT.