Kangaroos are confusing Volvo’s self-driving technology

Meeting a kangaroo in the wild is not a likely occurrence for most of us, and it’s proving to be just as much of a shock to Volvo’s self-driving technology.

Volvo has been testing its self-driving technology in Australia since October 2015 but the unique way in which kangaroos move is confusing the “Large Animal Detection” feature.

Speaking to the Australian Broadcasting Corp, Volvo Australia’s technical manager, David Pickett, said: “We’ve noticed with the kangaroo...

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Oxbotica-powered CargoPod makes driverless Ocado deliveries

Ocado has demonstrated its vision for driverless grocery deliveries with a prototype van powered by Oxbotica’s driverless technology.

The vehicle spent two weeks on a two-mile circuit in a semi-pedestrianised area of Greenwich, south-east London to demonstrate the kind of environment Ocado believes its driverless vehicles will operate in once deployed.

CargoPod is an electric vehicle which helps to reduce its environmental impact. The vehicle’s top speed of 25 MPH makes it suitable for urban...

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Volkswagen and NVIDIA embark on a journey to expand AI beyond the car

Car manufacturing giant Volkswagen is partnering with NVIDIA to harness their AI knowledge and use it for applications beyond in-car technology.

Volkswagen explores the possibilities for AI in their dedicated Munich-based Data Lab which opened back in 2014. One example of their current work involves new procedures for optimising the flow of traffic in cities where overpopulation and the need for individual vehicles is causing severe and increasing congestion on the roads.

"Artificial intelligence is the...

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Sigfox finds a partner to expand its IoT network across the UK

Sigfox is expanding its IoT network coverage in the UK from 30 percent of the population to 95 percent.

The company’s network already covers 30 percent of the UK population across 11 major cities including Birmingham, Bristol, Leeds, Leicester, Liverpool, London, Manchester, and Sheffield, thanks to a partnership with Arqiva since 2014.

Arqiva is what Sigfox calls a SO (Sigfox Operator) who are operators handling local distribution of the IoT network which is now present in more than 30 countries. Joining Arqiva in...

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Amazon releases API for viewing IoT cameras on Echo Show

Amazon has introduced live video feeds via Alexa on the Echo Show and launched an API for any manufacturer to support it.

Earlier this year Amazon announced the Echo Show, which is due to begin shipping next week. The main difference between the new Echo and its predecessors is that it features a screen for users to interact with.

To boost the Echo Show’s capabilities at launch, Amazon has partnered with companies like Ring, Arlo, Nest, August, EZViz, Vivint, Amcrest, and IC Realtime to support feeds coming from...

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Opinion: We’re losing our edge over AI

Researchers have made several important advancements in recent weeks that are breaking down the barriers between artificial intelligence and sentient beings.

Over the course of mankind, we’ve developed many languages through which to communicate with each other. While attempting to improve chatbots, researchers from the Facebook Artificial Intelligence Research (FAIR) lab discovered their bots were also creating their own language.

Facebook’s researchers also discovered the bots quickly became skilled...

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Kaspersky: IoT malware attacks have more than doubled over the past year

Security experts at Kaspersky report the number of IoT malware attacks have more than doubled over the past year.

Kaspersky monitor attacks with a ‘honeypot’ of insecure devices which imitate IoT devices. In 2016, the company detected 3,219 samples of different malware. As of May this year, Kaspersky’s honeypot caught 7,242 samples.

The rapidly increasing number of IoT devices around the globe has always been expected to be a prime target for cybercriminals. As we saw in the record-breaking...

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Opinion: Siri is yet to be mature enough to rival Google Home

Apple is rumoured to be launching a Google Home/Amazon Echo competitor at WWDC later today, but a damning test has proven how far behind the company’s digital assistant is.

Google’s AI is far ahead of the competition and it’s difficult to imagine its place on the pedestal will be at threat anytime soon. The company, as the largest search engine in the world, is in a fairly unique position to tap into the world’s information because it’s been crawling the web and building its...

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Qualcomm aims to improve IoT networks with Mesh Networking Platform

Chipset giant Qualcomm has unveiled its Mesh Networking Platform which aims to serve as a reference design for OEMs and broadband carriers to improve the connected home experience for end consumers.

“Qualcomm Technologies helped create a new category of mesh networks that are transforming in-home connectivity,” said Gopi Sirineni, vice president, product management, Qualcomm. “With our new Qualcomm Mesh Networking Platform, we are building upon that foundation to accelerate the next...

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China attempted to censor Google’s AI beating its Go champion

China’s state censors tried hard to prevent citizens from watching Google’s artificial intelligence beat the nation’s Go champion.

The nation’s internet censorship gained the nickname 'The Great Firewall' for its strict control over what content can be viewed. Most people’s go-to for search queries, Google, is unable to be accessed in the country for example, at least without circumvention. Citizens often use Baidu’s search engine instead.

Ke Jie has vowed never to play...

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AI drives (nearly) as badly as the rest of us in GTA 5

A programmer created an AI and set it loose in the world of GTA 5, and it didn’t end well.

The world of GTA 5 is sprawling, life-like, and full of unpredictable moments just like a real city. You have various densities of traffic, working lights, various weather conditions, and pedestrians also roaming around. For this reason, the game has been highlighted as being useful to help train AI for self-driving vehicles as it offers fairly realistic conditions without a danger to real life.


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Traffic lights in Milton Keynes use AI to help tackle rush hour jams

New traffic lights in Milton Keynes will use artificial intelligence to outsmart traffic and improve the flow to help reduce the gridlock traffic jams during rush hour.

Many of us will have been stuck at a red light cursing at it to change because we know no traffic is on the other side, but the light’s inefficient old timer system says we must wait. The new system will react to vehicles passing through them and ensure flow is at its most efficient.

In-car navigation is automatically rerouted to circumvent...

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YoBike chooses Bristol for its ‘Uber-like’ bike-sharing launch

YoBike, a new app-based bike-sharing service, has chosen Bristol as its European launch city in the startup’s bid to make local transport more sustainable and convenient.

While bike-sharing schemes have seen rollouts not just in the UK but around the world; most require users to pick up and deposit bikes at set locations around the city. YoBike takes a smarter and more convenient approach with bikes able to be locked up (and picked up by other users) in any legal and safe location.

Our fleet of bikes will...

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Amazon sees AI, machine learning, and drones as prime opportunity for UK expansion

In a further commitment to its long-term UK investment, Amazon plans to add 400 staff to its R&D centre in Cambridge to focus on AI, machine learning, and drones.

Engineers hired to work at the centre will include “machine learning scientists, knowledge engineers, data scientists, mathematical modelers, speech scientists, and software engineers.” The new employees will be working on the future of Amazon’s products and services – including the Echo and Kindle lines, and Prime Air...

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INRIX has a solution to make connected vehicles and road networks safer

INRIX supplies real-time traffic data to six of the eight top car manufacturers, but now it’s moving from efficiency to safety with the launch of its latest solution.

The Safety Alerts product suite consists of INRIX Dangerous Slowdowns, INRIX Incidents, and INRIX Road Weather. Each of the products collects real-time data from all the newfangled connected cars hitting the roads and, in combination with other sources, utilise the information to help drivers around the world.

"INRIX has long been...

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Uber decides on Dallas and Dubai for its flying car trials

Forget driverless cars, the next big thing is flying cars (finally!)

Anyone who’s into sci-fi will have dreamed of flying cars and probably thinks we’re overdue. Just last week, we reported Lilium successfully completed maiden flights of its VTOL taxis on a German airfield. This week, we’re hearing Uber has decided on Dallas and Dubai as its pilot cities for their flying vehicles.

Uber has long...

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Linux Foundation aims to solve IoT interoperability with EdgeX Foundry project

The IoT remains a segregated mess, but the Linux Foundation is hoping to bring some unification to the landscape with the launch of its new EdgeX Foundry project.

"One of the key factors holding back IoT designs in the enterprise is that there are too many choices to safely and easily implement a system that will provide a return on investment in a reasonable timeframe," said Mike Krell, Lead IoT Analyst at Moor Insights & Strategy. "EdgeX Foundry will fundamentally change the market...

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DRIVEN consortium will undertake ‘groundbreaking’ driverless car trial

A consortium of vehicle companies known as DRIVEN has announced plans to undertake a ‘groundbreaking’ driverless car trial between Oxford and London on UK roads and motorways.

Most current UK driverless car trials have focused on areas with slow-moving traffic or not on public roads. Using V2V (Vehicle-to-Vehicle) technology, the cars will communicate with each other to warn of potential hazards. While the cars will drive autonomously, a human will be on board in the vehicle to help ensure safety...

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Air-based taxis step closer to reality as Lilium tests VTOL jet

Uber’s specialist Elevate team may have received the most coverage for pursuing on-demand air-based taxis, but Lilium appears closest to reaching our skies after completing initial tests of its electric-powered vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) jet.

The current tests are unmanned and conducted remotely in a two-seater prototype, but the next goal for Lilium is to produce a bigger five-seat...

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MediaTek partners with HERE to enable advanced positioning services for IoT devices

MediaTek has announced a partnership with HERE to use the company’s advancing positioning solutions for IoT devices.

The company powers an increasing number of IoT devices with their processors and today’s announcement will improve the capabilities of future devices using select MediaTek chipsets such as the MT2503 product family.

"We are pleased to work with HERE to connect the next billion to the devices and technologies they want," said YuChuan Yang, Deputy General Manager of Internet...

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