How the eSIM can help turn the IoT from incredible potential to a reality


It’s predicted that by 2020 there will be 11.6 billion mobile devices, according to Huawei, connected by over 500 mobile network operators (MNO) worldwide.

With this growth in connectivity fuelled by trends such as the Internet of Things (IoT), attention is switching to the hardware and whether it is capable of meeting demand. In addition, as connected devices get smaller with...

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Yodiwo announces new version of IoT workflow creator Cyan


Yodiwo, a major IoT cloud and fog platform provider, has released a new version of its flagship product, Cyan.

Cyan is a graph-based IoT application development and deployment tool that supports seamless connectivity between dispersed and diverse network devices with web and mobile applications storage systems and analytics. The new version adds features that enhances physical asset management and introduces unique reporting and device management capabilities.

The new Cyan offers Live...

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New study argues sharing data – even with competitors – key to IoT success


A new global study by MIT Sloan Management Review suggests that associating and exchanging device data with other businesses strengthens existing relationships between organizations and forges new ties.

The study was released as a report, titled “Data Sharing and Analytics Drive Success With IoT”, involving survey data of more than 1,400 executives and managers from different industries and organisations of all sizes. Two-thirds (66%) of the respondents who are actively...

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Why IoT creates a generational leap in efficiency for companies like Siemens


Here at Teradata Partners 2016 in Atlanta, we’ve heard a lot about how the IoT could be used to make businesses more efficient, but today we’ve heard of how it’s already causing a generational leap in efficiency for some companies.

Richard Hackathorn, president of Bolder Technology, and Daniel Graham, director of technical marketing at Teradata, guided us through proceedings in a session entitled ‘Why should executives care about IoT?’

“This is a market...

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Verizon to acquire Sensity Systems for greater smart cities push


American telecom giant Verizon Communications has signed an agreement to acquire California-based Sensity Systems as the company aims to add a suite of comprehensive smart city solutions enabled by its ThingSpace IoT platform.

Sensity Systems taps LED lighting conversions to create a sensor-based, high-speed multiservice IoT platform. It currently has 42 smart city installations worldwide, supplied through its ecosystem partners. These installations enable municipal and facility...

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Manufacturing firms investing in IIoT data analytics – even if other areas are slowing down


The rise of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) continues apace, but a new piece of research from Honeywell Process Solutions and KRC Research argues that many in the manufacturing industry are pushing ahead with their spending on data analytics – potentially at the expense of other areas.

The research, the findings of which appear in the report ‘Data’s Big Impact on Manufacturing’, found that of the more than 200 North American manufacturing executives...

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How through IoT and analytics data mining becomes efficient mining


We all know the Internet of Things (IoT) is driving a revolution, but the way its data is helping to make the mining industry more efficient is going far beyond expectations. Don Warden, head of business intelligence at Freeport-McMoRan, provided his valuable insights on the matter at the Teradata Partners event in Atlanta.

For industries like mining, the data provided by connected sensors and devices can be used to improve operational efficiency when used in conjunction with the right...

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Verizon working with Qualcomm for IoT technologies


Telco giant Verizon and Qualcomm Technologies are working together to simplify IoT application development.

As part of this joint initiative, Verizon will pre-integrate its IoT Platform as a service (PaaS), ThingSpace, with the MDM9206 Category M (Cat M1) LTE modem from Qualcomm Technologies. This will help deliver next-generation IoT services and products that require low bandwidth and power. In addition, Verizon's 4G LTE network will be utilised as a gateway for...

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Chronicled launches open registry for IoT on Ethereum blockchain


San Francisco-based technology company Chronicled has launched an Open Registry for IoT, based on the Ethereum blockchain. The registry stores the identity of physical items. It initially started with consumer collectibles and goods with NFC and BLE microchips.

The open registry establishes a secure, interoperable digital identity and offers opportunities for proximity-based consumer engagement. The project is open-sourced under the Apache licence.

Ryan Orr, CEO of Chronicled, said:...

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The importance of predictive maintenance in IoT diagnostics


Every device, no matter how connected, has the potential to break. As the Internet of Things (IoT) continues to permeate every sector of manufacturing, from transportation and logistics to automotive and utilities, businesses are turning to predictive maintenance (PdM) to reduce downtime and maximise efficiencies.

Recent advances in technology have made PdM more affordable and available to manufacturers of all sizes. By using data that connected machines provide to measure damage, wear...

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China manufacturing IoT market set to hit $127.5bn by 2020, says IDC


A recently released report titled “China Manufacturing IoT Market Forecast, 2016-2020” by IDC forecasts the Chinese manufacturing enterprises’ IoT expenditure to reach $127.5 billion (approximately RMB848.3 billion) at a compound average growth rate (CAGR) of 14.7% by 2020.

The report expects software and services to push fast growth on IoT spending in manufacturing industry in the next three to five years, with a combined market share of over 60%. Thanks to the policy...

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Teradata launches IP-driven IoT analytics


Ohio-based analytics solutions company Teradata has launched four new accelerators to speed up analytics of IoT data. The technology, known as Analytics of Things Accelerators (AoTAs), are derived from the company's field engagements at major IoT companies in the fields of transportation, manufacturing, energy, mining and utilities.

The accelerators feature technology-agnostic intellectual property (IP) and professional services, as well as applied approaches to reduce IoT...

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Verizon committing to Cat-M1 LTE IoT connectivity


US telecommunications giant Verizon has said that it will deploy Category M1 connectivity solutions with an open source environment across its 4G LTE network, as part of its strategy to simplify cellular network connectivity and make it economically viable.

Verizon is working with device, module and chipset partners including Nokia, Ericsson, Gemalto, Sierra Wireless, Telit, U-Blox, Sequans and Altair for this deployment, which will help evolve its ecosystem for...

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Taiwan Mobile selects Cisco Jasper for IoT initiatives


Telecom operator Taiwan Mobile has chosen the Cisco Jasper Control Center to position the country's businesses to unlock new revenue streams and boost IoT applications.

The platform will enable Taiwan Mobile to offer a comprehensive plug-and-play IoT solution that can be configured to provide diagnostic, automatic and analysis intelligence.

The company will offer solutions across industries such as smart cities, public transportation, manufacturing, mobile payments and connected...

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Tata Consultancy Services aims to give retailers a leg up in the IoT


Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) has announced new software that will allow retailers to utilise data from in-store sensors or IoT devices to create personalised consumer engagement strategies.

The software, 'TCS Customer Intelligence & Insights for Retail', is available from the company's digital software and solutions group.

Seeta Hariharan, General Manager and head of the Digital Software & Solutions Group, noted that IoT is blurring the line between online and...

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VMware announces IoT alliances with Dell, Deloitte, PTC, and more

VMware has announced major strategic alliances with Bayshore Networks, Dell, Deloitte Digital, Intwine Connect, PTC, and V5 Systems to make it easier for enterprises to deploy, maintain and scale up Internet of Things (IoT) solutions. The alliances also aim to bridge the gap between IT and operations.

VMware is looking to address common concerns related to the integration of IoT into organisations and business offerings. The company argues that IoT is primarily driven by the operations side of business at...

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Companies missing out on IoT data utilisation, research finds


A new study from LogMeIn and Forrester Consulting has found that two-thirds of companies are not fully utilising their IoT data.

The study found that 51% of companies surveyed are collecting data from the connected products they offer. However, just around a third are actually using the data for creating actionable insights to benefit customers and expand their business opportunities.

The results are interesting, especially since 61% of respondents said that product monitoring was a...

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CompuCom Systems acquires Extensys’ IoT division


Technology infrastructure services company CompuCom Systems has acquired the Internet of Things (IoT) business of Extensys, a provider of IoT and managed IT services, for an undisclosed amount, with the transaction expected to be finalised in 45 days.

The move boosts CompuCom’s global infrastructure strategy and furthers its ability in delivering IoT solutions to its existing and new clients.

CompuCom CEO Don Doctor said, “With more than 6.4 billion IoT devices in operation...

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Infiswift buddies up with Intel for more effective enterprise IoT integration


Enterprise Internet of Things (IoT) platform company infiswift has announced it has become a part of the Intel Internet of Things Solutions Alliance, with the move seeing the integration of Intel's hardware with infiswift's software platform, swiftLab, to speed up implementation of the deployment of intelligent devices and systems across various industries.

Arup Barat, chief commercial officer at infiswift, said, “The IoT market is growing at an incredibly rapid pace...

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Intel launches Joule: Analyst notes “respectable” post-PC performance

Picture credit: Intel

Among the plethora of releases, announcements and titbits to come out of Intel’s Developer Forum this week was the Intel Joule compute module, a developer platform aimed squarely at Internet of Things (IoT) development projects.

It perhaps didn’t garner the same amount of column inches as Project Alloy, Intel’s new virtual reality headset. Indeed, VR formed the...

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