What does the future hold for the construction industry in the IoT era?

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Historically, the construction industry has been slower to adopt new, disruptive technologies than other sectors. Lacking the capital needed to introduce digitised ways of working, it has relied heavily on manual processes or paper-based plans.

However, change is on the horizon. In the IoT era, digital sensors and connected devices hold the key to transforming the way that buildings are designed and constructed. There are real signs that IoT can create leaner ways of working, reduce...

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Chronocam raises $15 million to bring vision sensors to automotive and IoT


Chronocam, a French developer of innovative vision sensors and systems for applications in all fields of machine vision, is planning to develop and commercialise its biologically-inspired vision sensing and processing technology thanks to a $15 million (£12.3m) series B finance round.

The funding round was led by Intel Capital, along with iBionext, Robert Bosch Venture Capital GmbH, 360 Capital, CEAi and Renault Group.

The company’s deep expertise in computer vision...

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New data shows disconnect between IoT priorities and data utilisation


Only one in five executives say they have the necessary physical access to Internet of Things (IoT) data, according to a poll from rapid app development platform provider KnowledgeKube.

The study, which polled almost 50 attendees of the IoT Show Asia in Singapore last month, found a disparity between accessing data and the importance of the IoT to organisations. 70% of respondents cited the IoT as either ‘important’ or ‘very important’ to their business.

Plenty of research has touched...

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Bosch and Software AG team up for IoT and Industry 4.0 partnership


Software AG and Robert Bosch have joined hands to develop new joint services and solutions for the Internet of Things (IoT) and Industry 4.0, as well as cooperating on sales activities to extend Bosch’s IoT cloud user base.

The partnership will allow their partners and customers in manufacturing, logistics and retail to gain advantage of Industry 4.0 and address new requirements of IoT solutions to deliver relevant target-oriented functionality quickly.

Software AG’s Digital...

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Semtech and ZTE launch IoT demonstration base dedicated to LoRa technology


Semiconductor provider Semtech Corporation has partnered with Chinese telco ZTE to officially launch the latter’s first Internet of Things (IoT) demonstration base dedicated to LoRa Technology in Nanjing.

The CLAA IoT Demonstration Base allows IoT solution providers to deploy and test their applications over a low power, wide area network (LPWAN). ZTE plans to deploy over 30 commercial demonstration bases across China by the end of 2016.

The initiative is the result of a cooperative...

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Trend Micro looks at security for Internet of Vehicles and other IoT ecosystems


A new security solution that helps enterprises safeguard their connected devices and services against cloud, network and endpoint threats was introduced at the recently held Microsoft IoT Expo in Taipei.

Developed by Trend Micro Incorporated, in collaboration with Microsoft, the newly announced information security protection software development kit enhances security amidst rapid expansion of integration in the global IoT, and specifically the Internet of Vehicles (IoV).

Jerry Liao,...

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SAP acquires enterprise-grade IoT application platform PLAT.ONE

Picture credit: SAP

German tech giant SAP has acquired enterprise-grade IoT solution platform PLAT.ONE, which will be integrated into the former’s HANA Cloud Platform (HCP).

PLAT.ONE allows rapid development and scalable management of enterprise IoT environments, including connected products, smart cities, connected transport and smart manufacturing.

Incorporating PLAT.ONE’s IoT platform, SAP’s HANA Cloud Platform will make it easy for enterprises and system integrators to build IoT-enabled...

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Digita looking to build IoT network across Finland


Digita Oy, a radio and television broadcast company, is seeking to build a nationwide IoT network that will offer automation solutions and smart traffic in Finland.

The company is planning to provide network coverage that will be 85% of the population and around 95% of enterprises. The company estimates almost 20 million IoT sensors to be installed across the country by 2023.

Juha-Pekka Weckström, CEO of Digita Oy, said: “The range of the digital applications of IoT is almost...

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Verizon launches airborne LTE IoT initiative


Verizon has announced the launch of its Airborne LTE Operations (ALO) initiative as part of its strategy to drive innovation and widespread adoption for in-flight wireless connectivity. The Verizon team started working on the technology in 2014 and throughout 2015.

To further develop the project, Verizon collaborated with American Aerospace (AATI) and Sierra Wireless to test connectivity between aerial platforms and Verizon's 4G LTE network. As part of the process, It...

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3DSignals raises $3 million in funding for predictive maintenance technology

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3DSignals, an Israel-based developer of sound-based predictive maintenance systems, has raised $3 million to expand company operations, targeting the US market. The seed funding round was led by Grove Ventures and other additional investors.

The company’s proprietary hardware and software platform allows maintenance engineers and technicians to listen to their machines with remote ultrasonic sensors, anticipate problems with real-time alerts, and prevent critical failures with...

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AT&T planning to launch LTE-M network pilot in San Francisco


AT&T is planning to launch its new LTE-M network in the San Francisco market as a pilot project.

Slated to start in November 2016, the LTE-M technology is said to connect a wide variety of IoT solutions such as smart utility meters, asset monitoring, vending machines, alarm systems, fleet, heavy equipment, mHealth and wearables.

The implementation of the LTE-M technology will result in lower costs for modules that connect IoT devices to the LTE network; longer battery...

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IoT, big data, fog computing, and how the work of today can shape tomorrow

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The future technological landscape will, according to the experts, be one where driverless vehicles zoom around and cater to passengers’ whims, just one of billions of connected devices. But how can a vision for 2030 be relevant to today’s needs?

Doug Zuckerman is conference chair of the IEEE Technology Time Machine, taking place later this month in San Diego. The conference covers as its key areas big data, brain – how technology can...

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Dresner: IoT remains large organisation phenomenon


Dresner Advisory Services has released its 2016 Internet of Things and Business Intelligence Market Study as part of its 'Wisdom of Crowds' research series and has found, among other insights, that IoT remains a primary large-organisation phenomenon.

The second annual report puts forth an understanding of current demand for and interest in business intelligence (BI) in IoT, and examines related technologies such as end-user data preparation, location intelligence, advanced and...

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Be a disruptor in the IoT universe – or expect to be disrupted


IP EXPO Businesses and business owners face a vital question going forward: will they wait for someone to attack their business model, or will they start doing it themselves?

That was the conclusion of an entertaining session from Matthias Roese, IoT strategist at Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) EMEA in which a variety of case studies and models were discussed.

Coca-Cola, frequently cited as an interesting proposition in the IoT space, was the first example. “They understood that they...

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SAP announces €2bn IoT investment plans

Picture credit: SAP

Enterprise software giant SAP has announced plans to invest €2 billion (£1.54bn) over five years to support businesses and government bodies with the Internet of Things (IoT), as well as accelerate innovation in its portfolio.

SAP is aiming to provide IoT solutions to help organisations to implement machine learning and integrate with the core business applications of SAP S/4HANA. The company is looking to enable connected business and connected society, addressing urban and...

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Cellular M2M shipments to hit 5.7 million by 2020, argues Berg Insight


According to M2M and IoT analyst firm Berg Insight's new report, cellular M2M terminal shipments will grow at a CAGR of 16.1% to reach 5.7 million units in 2020.

The report defines cellular M2M terminals as standalone devices for connecting M2M devices to a cellular network. They include general-purpose cellular routers, modems and gateways enclosed in a chassis and with at least one input/output port. They, however, exclude telematics devices, trackers and other specialised...

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Netclearance releases mBeaconVend, aims to give vending machines IoT boost

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The humble vending machine, like so many other big, dumb machines, is ripe for disruption through Internet of Things (IoT) technologies.

Coca-Cola is leading the revolution, putting connected technologies in its machines to gauge temperatures, assess stock levels, and work out what brands are most popular. Indeed, according to a TechWeek Europe article last year, connecting a vending machine...

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Companies moving from proof of concept to scalable IoT deployments, argues IDC


According to the International Data Corporation’s (IDC) latest global IoT decision maker survey, almost a third of respondents have launched IoT solutions, with a further 43% considering deployment in the next 12 months.

The analyst firm’s yearly study helps gain insights from enterprise IT and business decision makers about their understanding of the Internet of Things (IoT) as well as their early deployments or plans for deployment of these solutions.

According to IDC,...

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Bosch and SAP partnering for IoT Industry 4.0 collaboration


Germany-based SAP and engineering behemoth Robert Bosch have entered a strategic partnership for Industry 4.0 and IoT, the two companies have announced.

As part of this partnership, customers may be enabled to use the SAP HANA database from the Bosch IoT Cloud, to process large data sets in real time for IoT applications. SAP and Bosch will also combine their cloud and software expertise in the future.

The SAP HANA Cloud Platform will offer Bosch IoT micro-services in order to connect...

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New research argues APAC building momentum in cellular IoT market


The growth in cellular IoT connections is being further driven by the APAC (Asia-Pacific) market as well as the traditional bases of western Europe and North America, according to a new study from Beecham Research.

The report, the research firm’s latest global assessment of the cellular IoT connectivity market, argues that the number of cellular IoT connections, from 2G to 5G, will approach 1.22 billion in 2021, up from 261 million at the end of last year.

The study also shows...

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