Nokia and HPE form strategic IoT enterprise partnership


A strategic collaboration has been announced between Nokia and Hewlett-Packard Enterprise (HPE) to provide IoT solutions for enterprise customers. The joint offerings will combine connectivity, core networking, data aggregation and compute technologies from Nokia and HPE.

Under the partnership, both companies will jointly market and sell solutions for two IoT vertical enterprise segments: Industrial/manufacturing and Smart city applications, wherein they will provide...

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Huawei and Gemalto team up for collaborative IoT platform

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Gemalto has entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Huawei at the latter’s Connect Europe event in a bid to further the vision of both the firms on global Internet of Things (IoT).

As part of the agreement, Gemalto is providing its LinqUs On-Demand Connectivity (ODC) solution integrated with Huawei’s OceanConnect IoT platform that will allow seamless connectivity through secure remote subscription provisioning and further allowing Huawei’s customers...

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How the financial services industry can benefit from IoT


The financial services industry is a quiet giant. The tools it uses to interact with investors, account holders and other industries are frequently in the hands of users although we rarely hear of new or innovative approaches.

The most recent, significant change to the credit card industry was the development and adoption of the EMV liability shift that resulted in many credit card companies issuing new, chip-enabled cards to users. In order for merchants to process the cards in an...

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Retailers “overly optimistic” on promises of IoT technology, report argues

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According to a recent report from Retail Systems Research, retailers are ‘overly optimistic’ about what IoT technologies may achieve, yet only forward-thinking companies are seriously investing right now.

The report, titled ‘The Internet of Things in Retail: Getting Beyond the Hype’, was based on a survey of 129 retailers, and found several key findings.

Retailers who are keen on leveraging IoT into their businesses highlighted three general areas of focus;...

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IBM launches global Watson IoT consulting services


Tech giant IBM has launched what its claimed to be the industry’s first global IBM Watson IoT Consulting Solutions practice to help clients drive digital transformation with the Internet of Things (IoT).

The company’s 1500 experts across IBM Watson IoT headquarters in Munich, Germany and in eight other IBM IoT centres across Asia, Europe and the US will take part in the practice. By integrating IBM Watson IoT Platform APIs and technologies, including analytics, cognitive,...

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Why can’t IoT stand for innovation, optimism and transparency in the finance sector?


It’s easy to spot the latest trend in the tech industry. We’re moving away from desiring tech for tech sake – gone are the days when we were lusting after the latest Apple device because the design had been slightly tweaked and more pixels had miraculously been squeezed into the screen. What we want now is tech as a service that does something for us, integrates into our lifestyle and makes a difference to how we live.

The products which are available now that tie the...

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IoT and machine learning helping to ‘revolutionise’ public sector agencies says Accenture


The ongoing evolution in advanced analytics and other emerging technologies is transforming the operational processes in government and public service agencies throughout the world. With the help of these technologies, such organisations are trying to address citizen demands, helping to overcome persistent challenges such as regulatory compliance, outdated legacy IT infrastructures and organisational cultures, according to a new study report from Accenture.

In its latest report titled,...

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IoT, augmented reality, and the digital marketing equation


Connected technology, the Internet of Things (IoT), augmented reality (AR): these are all terms used to describe the trend towards joining the real-world with internet world. Digital marketing firms have long tracked how specific audiences navigate these waters and now there are new ways in which AR is being used to provide value to potential buyers outside the store.

How are digital marketers using AR?

It is evident that, for customers, the line between offline and online no longer...

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Altair Semiconductor partners with Check Point for IoT security

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Altair Semiconductor has partnered with Check Point Software Technologies to co-develop a comprehensive security solution for IoT devices.

The partnership will allow routing traffic of Altair-enabled IoT devices through Check Point’s Capsule Cloud solution that will screen all the data, preventing any threats before they reach the devices. The enhanced security achieved through routing Altair’s 1160 CAT-1 chipsets through Check Point’s Capsule Cloud includes advanced...

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IoT platform startup Particle announces $10.4m series A funding


San Francisco-based IoT platform provider Particle has announced the completion of a $10.4 million (£8.4m) funding round, vowing to cut through the hype surrounding the technology.

The company takes its total funding to $14.6m from two rounds, with only O’Reilly AlphaTech Ventures remaining from the lead investors previously. For the latest series A, the round was led by O’Reilly, Root Ventures, and Rincon Venture Partners. The company also launched with a Kickstarter...

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Verizon acquires LQD WiFi to “redefine the urban space”


Verizon has acquired New York-based private firm LQD WiFi for an undisclosed amount.

LQD WiFi provides street-smart kiosks, called Palo unified technology hubs, which provide essential information like local community information, wayfinding, public safety announcements, transit updates, and upcoming events to citizens on the street. Palo also provides free public wi-fi, security cameras, emergency calling, and area lighting which further add value to communities.


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GE Digital acquires ServiceMax for $915m in Industrial Internet play


GE Digital has announced the acquisition of cloud-based field service management provider ServiceMax for $915 million (£736.6m) in order to enhance its Industrial Internet capabilities.

GE estimates that there is a market-wide opportunity to improve service productivity by USD 25 billion through the use of analytical tools. And by acquiring ServiceMax, it plans to add analytics and insights into the ServiceMax logistics, workforce optimisation and deployment models. It is also...

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Half of technology professionals fear automation taking their jobs


Almost half (45%) of technology professionals surveyed by Harvey Nash fear a ‘significant’ part of their jobs will be automated within 10 years making their skills redundant.

The study, which polled more than 3,200 technology professionals from 84 countries, carries something of a pessimistic tone throughout. 94% of respondents say their career would be ‘severely limited’ if they do not teach themselves new technical skills, while self-learning was cited more...

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Sigfox claims to develop world’s first ultra-low cost IoT communication modules


Sigfox, a provider of global communication solution powering the IoT, with its ecosystem of partners, have produced what is claimed to be the first ultra-low cost IoT communication modules.

These modules significantly reduce the cost barrier, with modules up to twenty times cheaper than LTE cellular modules and five times cheaper than the closest competing technologies. In order to lower the cost barrier, Sigfox and its partners optimised every feature of the design and...

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‘First of kind’ industrial insurance launched for IoT infrastructure investments


Relayr, an IoT end-to-end development solutions developer, has partnered with specialty insurer Hartford Steam Boiler (HSB), a part of Munich Re, to develop new insurance products for IoT investments.

This new breed of 'IoT-enabled' insurance products aims to help protect the financial investments of companies in the Internet of Things.

Relayr co-founder Josef Brunner believes that the HSB collaboration will change the IoT landscape. “People have long talked about the...

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Eurosmart calls for European cybersecurity enforcement framework


Brussels-based international digital security association Eurosmart is asking for a European cybersecurity enforcement framework, along with the promotion of a European Internet of Things (IoT) trust label and security certification. The organisation advocates a cybersecurity trust label or security certificate for every IoT provider that not only covers data, but also the network used by IoT providers.

Eurosmart has also established a new body called the ‘IoT Security...

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Qualcomm to acquire NXP Semiconductors for $47 billion


Qualcomm has announced its intent to acquire Dutch semiconductor provider NXP for a total value of $47 billion (£38.4bn).

The merger is expected to have annual revenues of more than $30bn, serviceable addressable markets of $138bn in 2020 and leadership positions across mobile, automotive, IoT, security, RF and networking.

Qualcomm says the transaction utilises its strong balance sheet and will be efficiently financed with offshore cash and new debt. The transaction structure...

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Can geographic information system technology and IoT be a match made in heaven?


As our cities and rural areas get smarter and the volume of data generated by IoT-enabled devices increases, so does the potential for Geographic Information System (GIS) technology to transform project planning and service delivery and business strategy across many sectors.

The beauty of GIS mapping technology is not just the ability to provide visual representation of datasets in an easy to digest format, but the potential to combine or correlate this information with all kinds of...

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Rise of the smart machines? Gartner offers warning over total autonomy


Ever heard of the Google Steering Wheel Dilemma? According to Brian Prentice, research vice president at analyst firm Gartner, the issue with the search giant’s self-driving cars is that a steering wheel may be self-defeating; if one is installed in a vehicle, it infers a sober, human driver is the last point of redundancy and therefore defeating the purpose.

Yes, this is a tad metaphysical at the moment – but Prentice, speaking at Gartner’s Symposium-ITxpo in...

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