Darktrace’s AI is designed to prevent the next Snowden – and it’s already caught its first victim

Darktrace Antigena is an AI which aims to automate the fight against hacking from both external and internal threats, and it’s already caught its first victim.

As Google’s ongoing lawsuit against former employee Anthony Levandowski shows, protecting corporate secrets from leaking could prevent a big headache. By detecting odd behaviour, Darktrace believes its...

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Gemalto to help accelerate IoT adoption in Japan with SoftBank

SoftBank Corp has chosen digital security provider Gemalto as a partner for on-demand connectivity (ODC) services which will enable both consumer and industrial machine-to-machine (M2M) IoT connectivity and deployment of value added applications, the latter announced.

As part of this collaborative effort, Gemalto will supply SoftBank with its Remote SIM Provisioning platform, allowing the Japan-based mobile network operator to remotely manage initial connectivity and subscriptions throughout the...

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From Internet of Things to the Internet of the Individual: The foundation for success

There is now a powerful computer that lines the inside of our pockets or handbag at all times - a smartphone - and it’s the most important tool in a growing ecosystem of connected devices. From this communication hub, one has access to information from a myriad of IoT devices - from smart refrigerators, thermostats, and security cameras to wearable technologies like smartwatches and fitness trackers. It also offers a central repository for recording and tracking information individuals generate on the...

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Pepper IoT receives $8.5 million in Series B financing

Pepper – no, not the robot – has received $8.5 million in series B funding to help launch several consumer Internet of Things (IoT) products.

The Kansas City-based startup enlisted Leawood Ventures, the KCRIse Fund, and Royal Street Ventures for the capital, joining the list of current investors, OpenAir Equity Partners and Comporium Communications.

The fund will support the launch of several products including the Pepper OS, which will be launched through global mass...

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Five tips on how to successfully crowdfund your IoT product

IoT continues to be a hot topic as more and more companies are creating ‘smart products’ that are revolutionising and simplifying everyday life. If you’re interested in creating an IoT product, crowdfunding can be a great way to bring your idea to life. Not only is it a great way to raise funds, it can also be used for marketing validation, research and development, and buzz-building with your target audience.

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Samsung integrates Cypress’ wireless connectivity solution with its ARTIK IoT platform

Samsung Electronics has selected Cypress Semiconductor’s Wi-Fi system-on-chip (SoC) connectivity solution for its ARTIK Internet of Things (IoT) platform, the company has announced.

Cypress’ low-power SoC, CYW43907 802.11n to give its full name, is now in production in Samsung’s ARTIK 050 module providing secure IoT connectivity for products across vertical markets, including smart home, smart lighting, smart building, manufacturing, and health and wellness. The Samsung ARTIK 050 module is...

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Why IoT devices are powering affordable ‘DDoS-for-hire’ services

Opinion For as long as there has been cyber crime, there have been illegal exploit kits for sale.

Sure, these vary from the elementary to the advanced, but the malicious tools needed to commit cyber crime, theft, hacktivism or participate in run-of-the-mill online havoc are only a click away.

But the raw power, scale and sophistication for sale via those clicks is growing at unprecedented rates. The catalyst for this momentum is, yet again, unsecured Internet of Things (IoT) devices. This is known as the 

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IT security professionals expect increase in IIoT security attacks in 2017

The vast majority of IT professionals say they anticipate an increase in cybersecurity attacks on the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), according to a new study from Tripwire.

The survey, which quizzed more than 400 participants with responsibility for IT security as a ‘significant’ part of their job, saw more than half (51%) of respondents say they did not feel prepared for security attacks that exploit or abuse insecure IIoT devices, while almost two thirds (64%) say they already recognise...

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Why customer experience and retail can become IoT-enabled – but with security a question

A new piece of analysis from Frost & Sullivan argues that IoT has ‘the potential to enhance an organisation’s ability to understand the customer journey’, but warns around security remaining a ‘vital’ concern.

According to the missive, companies globally lose more than $300 billion on an annual basis due to poor customer experience, which makes it a top priority for such organisations. IoT helps these organisations to understand the customer and proactively engages with them....

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Huawei and Software AG team up for ‘complete Internet of Things solution’

Huawei has announced a new partnership with Software AG to deliver what the companies describe as a ‘complete, one-stop-shop Internet of Things (IoT) solution’.

The plans will entail combining Huawei’s hardware and software portfolio for cloud and edge computing as well as the company’s open IoT platform and network infrastructure, alongside Software AG’s streaming and predictive analytics to “allow for maximum speed and flexibility in operational and strategic decisions...

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Gartner muses on importance of algorithms for Industry 4.0 projects

Algorithms are vital for Industry 4.0, and as Thomas Oestreich, managing vice president at research company Gartner puts it: “…the connected world of cyber-physical systems has to deal with the sheer volume, real-time velocity and diversity of data; and in order to drive new value and differentiating innovations, new algorithms need to be developed. This is making algorithms the pulse of Industry 4.0 initiatives.”

Gartner predicts that at least 30% of Industry 4.0 projects will source their...

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Opinion: For unobtrusive wearables, consider the UX from all angles

Unobtrusive wearable tech used to be an oxymoron, but some of today’s technologies are getting close to achieving this lofty goal — devices that function so naturally, wearers don’t even notice they have them on. And it has potential to alter the healthcare industry in major ways. 

Monitoring patients for overall health and to track recovery has become a round-the-clock endeavor. Unobtrusive wearable devices are able to gather some of the highest quality data available, and their mostly...

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More than 250 smart city projects exist today – with focus on government and energy

More than 250 smart city projects exist in 178 cities around the world, with the majority focusing on government and energy initiatives followed by transportation, buildings and water, according to Navigant Research.

The analyst firm has released a new report titled “Smart City Tracker 1Q17” that examines the current state of global smart city development, covering the related aspects of the smart energy, smart water, smart transportation, smart buildings, and smart governments sectors, segmented...

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Bosch collaborating with NVIDIA for AI self-driving car computer system

Bosch has collaborated with NVIDIA to develop an AI self-driving car computer built on the latter’s deep learning software and hardware that enables vehicles to be trained on the complexities of driving, operated autonomously and updated over the air with new features and capabilities.

The alliance was announced by Bosch CEO Dr. Volkmar Denner during his keynote address at Bosch Connected World, in Berlin, at Bosch Group’s annual Internet of Things conference.

The Bosch

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New Asia Pacific IoT study highlights potential for greater customer insights – but in time

Countries in southeast Asia scored slightly lower in IoT-enabled customer experience (CX) maturity compared to the rest of Asia Pacific, but were equal in terms of deployment in readiness, according to a new report.

Genesys, in partnership with Frost & Sullivan, surveyed nearly 500 leaders across six key industries within 11 Asia-Pacific (APAC) nations to examine how organisations view IoT as a key enabler in enhancing customer experience and their readiness to get benefitted from this emerging...

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Intel to acquire Mobileye for $15.3bn, looks at automotive leadership

Intel has announced it is to acquire autonomous driving systems provider Mobileye for $15.3 billion (£12.5bn) as it aims for market leadership in the connected car space.

The two companies have previously partnered with BMW, announcing a deal in July last year with the aim of fully automated driving in series production by 2021. Through the partnership, the trio aimed to create...

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The evolution of software monetisation: From protecting revenue to enabling growth

Fuelled by the growth of cloud computing, advancements in mobile technology, virtualisation and applications that are hosted on the internet, modern businesses are moving away from outright purchasing software.

In the past, vendors sold software as ‘all-in-one’ packages, designed to tackle numerous use cases. Now, however, there is a need for software to only tackle specific issues, meaning that consumers and businesses do not require the restrictive packages vendors traditionally offered. Regardless...

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San Diego gets smart(er) with intelligent lighting network

San Diego is on a path of transformation: the Californian metropolis has recently joined forces with Current, powered by GE, to power the city with smartness of IoT sensor platform.

Current specialises in creating intelligent environments for commercial buildings and industrial facilities. The company will install its CityIQ sensor nodes on 3,200 of the city’s street light poles as an upgrade to the present 14,000 light fixtures to new Current’s Evolve LED luminaires.

The $30 million open data...

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C3 IoT closes Series E financing round at $1.4 billion pre-money valuation

C3 IoT, a fast-growing leader in platform as a service (PaaS) enterprise software for big data, AI, and IoT applications, has announced a Series E financing round at a $1.4 billion pre-money valuation. The company had previously closed a $70 million Series D equity financing led by TPG Growth in September of 2016.

The funding round was led by Breyer Capital, a global firm with investment interest in long term-oriented entrepreneurs and teams working in artificial intelligence (AI), the funds will be used to...

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HCL framework outlines three stages of enterprise IoT maturity

Enterprises need to undertake business transformation through the Internet of Things (IoT) in three stages of maturity to increase the value from their investments, according to a missive from HCL Technologies.

The IoT maturity framework, which can be found in MIT Sloan Management Review, has as its first level of maturity increased process efficiency using IoT-enabled data, building new revenue streams as stage two, and business transformation leveraging IoT data-led insights as stage three.

The framework comes off the

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