Arduino targeting IoT with latest developer boards

Electronics and software provider Arduino is utilising Nordic Semiconductor’s Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) connectivity for a new IoT-targeted base board computer.

The Arduino Primo combines BLE, NFC 'Touch-to-Pair', Wi-Fi, and infrared connectivity, removing the cost and complexity of shields. Previously users had to add “shields” to upgrade Arduino to Bluetooth Low Energy technology.

The Arduino Primo performs the function of a TCP / IP Internet client and server over Wi-Fi while...

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Research: Consumer appetite for smart homes is growing – but several concerns remain

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Mindshare, in association with SharpEnd, has launched the results of the first in-depth study into connected products in the home and the opportunity it offers to household brands.

The researchers took a unique approach with their study and built ten connected "product and packaging" prototypes which five households trialled over the course of...

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How the IoT can reduce risk in the commercial vehicle sector


Internet of Things (IoT) technologies are taking hold of industries far and wide. Permeating a host of different markets and finding new ways to automate, measure and improve processes. The days when people thought of (IoT) as science fiction, a futuristic world in which your fridge boils you an egg while your bed runs you a bath, are thankfully starting to pass. People and businesses are embracing the real impact of this revolutionary technology, and the commercial vehicle (CV) sector...

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Netclearance launches new BLE device featuring five sensors

Picture credit: Netclearance

Smart beacon network developer Netclearance has launched the mBeaconSense, a BLE device that brings together five distinct sensors – temperature, vibration, accelerometer, magnetic, light – into one IC board that is smaller than a penny, opening up avenues for applications such as home care monitoring. A battery the size of a coin can last for several years, providing more possibilities and prospects – that might have not been possible before – for the...

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Capgemini to collaborate with Siemens on IoT platform


The Siemens Building Technologies Division and Capgemini are set to put in place a cloud based services platform comprising asset management and analytics technology. The two entities are adding to the development of the web-based Energy & Sustainability Navigator platform that has saved 10.5 million tons of CO2 per year for customers. Both companies are looking to ensure corporate real estate owners see business results and meet energy efficiency goals, while making the best of the...

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Telit and DMI to partner on end-to-end solutions for enterprise IoT


Telit and DMI are collaborating to deliver easy connection of ‘things to apps’, bringing about a data-driven customer experience that ensures a decline in costs, better compliance, personalisation and new revenue prospects.

The partnership seeks to provide end-to-end Internet of Things solutions for the enterprise and has resulted in the development of the Cloud-based Telit IoT Portal that offers customers a perceptive single point of access for combining data from remote...

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WISeKey to buy INSIDE Secure’s IoT integrated circuits and semiconductor arms


In order to form a trusted end-to-end cybersecurity platform for people and objects, WISeKey International is acquiring INSIDE Secure’s IoT integrated circuit solutions and semiconductor business. At closing, WISeKey would pay a cash consideration of CHF 2 million (£1.4m) and would issue a loan note convertible into WISeKey Class B Shares in the amount of CHF 11m (£7.7m), taking the total value of the transaction to CHF 13m (£9.1m).

The WISeKey cybersecurity offer...

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IoT platform Afero gains $20.3 million in Series A funding


IoT platform provider Afero has raised $20.3 million (£14m) in a series A round of investment led by Samsung Catalyst Fund. Other investors in the round include the SoftBank Group, Fenox Venture Capital, Presidio Ventures, Sanshin Electronics, Robert Dobkin and Assembly Partners.

The Afero platform, as previously covered by this publication when it launched in December, is...

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ARM buys imaging and embedded computer vision company Apical for $350m


Semiconductor provider ARM has acquired imaging and embedded computer vision firm Apical for $350 million (£240m) to boost its long term growth strategy.

Apical is an imaging and embedded computer vision technology company that provides solutions which allow devices to comprehend and act in an intelligent manner in response to information gleaned from the environment.

ARM has made the acquisition in order to boost its strategy by enabling new imaging products for next...

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How Rotterdam boosts waste management efficiency by leveraging IoT technologies


Enevo, a smart waste management provider, has a product that integrates waste container monitoring, data analytics and fill-level forecasting, dynamic route planning and driver route guidance via in-cab tablet computers. Enevo wireless sensors monitor the fill level of the waste containers, transmitting the information to the company’s cloud servers. Now, the municipality of Rotterdam has begun to implement the company’s solution.

As part of the second phase of a Paper and...

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First IoT platform on OGC SensorThings API released


SensorUp has rolled out what is claimed to be the first IoT platform based on Open Geospatial Consortium SensorThings API, allowing IoT companies and developers to formulate standards-compliant IoT products and services.

Standards-compliance is a key feature in the IoT as it ensures exchange of data between disparate sensors. There are several use cases that benefit from such integration. For instance, a fitness band can be connected to a calorie intake app while municipalities located...

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Cypress to acquire Broadcom's IoT operations for $550m

Picture credit: Broadcom

Cypress Semiconductor has announced the acquisition of Broadcom’s IoT business unit for $550 million (£376m) in cash.

The IoT arm of the network and semiconductor provider employs close to 430 people globally and brought in $189m in revenue during the past 12 months. As part of the agreement, Cypress will acquire Broadcom's Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and ZigBee IoT product lines and intellectual property, along with its WICED brand and developer ecosystem.

The transaction, which...

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PTC updates ThingWorx IoT platform

(Image Credit: iStockPhoto/Pinkypills)

PTC has updated its ThingWorx IoT platform which includes easier developer tools, new clouds and services, and an increase in the number of connected devices and analytics. Customers will have their choice of a public cloud service, with Amazon Web Services (AWS) being the first approved service. Providing control to the developer allows PTC to be friendlier to third-party...

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Hitachi introduces Lumada IoT core platform

(Image Credit: iStockPhoto/KathyDewar)

Public and private sector organizations are turning to digital transformation to optimise processes, boost efficiency and enhance interactions with customers. IoT solutions can play a key role in these efforts though developing such solutions is a challenge. In response, Hitachi Insight has unveiled Lumada, an IoT core platform, with an open and adaptable architecture that streamlines...

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Gemalto to demo Cinterion VoLTE Cat.1 module for IoT

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At Gemalto's pre-event on its Internet of Things (IoT) technologies in Santa Clara, California, the company will demonstrate its first Cinterion Voice over LTE (VoLTE) Category 1 (Cat.1) module. The module is its first to enable simultaneous data and voice communications via LTE.

The new module is suited for solutions that are migrating to LTE while keeping the flexibility of...

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Smart cities could lose $341 billion with non-standardised IoT deployments by 2025

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In a new whitepaper, commissioned by mobile technology and research company InterDigital, Machina Research studied potential IoT deployments in smart cities. Smart cities as a segment reflect the state of the IoT at large as they comprise a number of vertical domains, multiple parties, and diverse IT systems. They...

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Research: Nest reveals consumer feelings about the IoT

(Image Credit: Nest)

In research commissioned by Nest and undertaken by Kelton Global and Research Now, 80 percent of US consumers were found to want to make their homes smarter. This is just one finding amongst several which provides a positive impression about the future of the smart home market. 

The growing interest from consumers is equating to sales, with connected home products taking off in retail. “Connected home products like the Nest Thermostat...

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Intel cancels development of three SoFIA chip products to focus on IoT

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Intel has reportedly cancelled development of three of its SoFIA chip products as the company turns to newer segments like IoT and cloud while stepping away from the mobile market. The company has cancelled two SoFIA models using LTE and a third that used 3G technology.

SoFIA, launched in 2014, is a low-cost integrated application processor and baseband chip. The company had introduced...

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IoT popularity mirrored by increase in engineering course admissions


New figures from iD Tech have shown a 46% increase in enrolment of its electrical engineering courses for young people, with the education provider arguing it mirrors the rise of the Internet of Things (IoT).

The IoT market is on the rise as witnessed in wearables, with the segment growing 223% in 2015, according to best-selling author, Bernard Marr. Shipments of Apple watches and Fitbits totalled 3.6 million units and 4.4 million units, respectively.

iD Tech students learn...

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