Telit Cinterion launches GNSS module with centimetre accuracy

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IoT solutions provider Telit Cinterion today announced the launch of the SE868K5-RTK, a Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) receiver module capable of delivering centimetre-level positioning accuracy. 

The SE868K5-RTK is the first GNSS module in Telit Cinterion’s portfolio to provide such high-precision location data, made possible through advanced Real-Time Kinematics (RTK) technology. By leveraging dual frequency signals and support for multiple satellite constellations, the module overcomes multipath interference to pinpoint locations with unmatched accuracy.

“The SE868K5-RTK demonstrates Telit Cinterion’s unwavering commitment to delivering cutting-edge GNSS technology,” said Marco Argenton, VP of Product Management for IoT Modules at Telit Cinterion.  

“This module exemplifies our dedication to meeting the dynamic demands of IoT applications, establishing a new benchmark for precision, reliability, and flexibility.”

A key enabler of the module’s high accuracy is its ability to ingest RTK correction data streamed from services like Swift Navigation’s Skylark cloud platform. The compact 11x11mm module is also designed for seamless operation near cellular and other wireless radios without interference.

“We take tremendous pride in offering seamlessly integrated RTK corrections as an external service for Telit Cinterion’s SE868K5-RTK,” said Holger Ippach, Executive VP of Product at Swift Navigation.

“Our Skylark Nx RTK service serves as a full-bodied support system, ensuring developers gain access to consistently reliable corrections for their applications to elevate the performance and precision of their solutions.”

The SE868K5-RTK opens up new high-precision use cases across industries like precision agriculture, drone operations, e-mobility, and robotic systems. The new module resulted from a decade-long collaboration with semiconductor company Airoha Technology

“Collaborating with Telit on the SE868K5-RTK allowed us to usher in the next era of precision for IoT applications,” said ChangChing Wu, SVP of Airoha.

“The groundbreaking capabilities of this new module set a new standard while unlocking unprecedented possibilities for high-precision use cases.”

With its combination of miniature size, cellular integration, and high-accuracy RTK positioning, the SE868K5-RTK positions Telit Cinterion as a leader in enabling sophisticated location-based IoT solutions.

(Photo by GeoJango Maps)

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