The Things Industries partners with Echostar on hybrid satellite and LoRa solutions

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The Things Industries and EchoStar have announced a collaboration to bring hybrid satellite and LoRa IoT solutions to businesses across Europe.

The strategic partnership combines EchoStar’s robust satellite IoT capabilities with The Things Stack, a dependable cloud-based LoRaWAN network server. This fusion of technologies allows customers to seamlessly connect IoT devices for real-time, two-way communications over both satellite and terrestrial networks.

Telemaco Melia, VP and GM at EchoStar Mobile, said:

“With plug-and-play simplicity, this collaboration between EchoStar Mobile and The Things Network enables terrestrial and satellite transports to be integrated easily into the same node or module for IoT applications.

It’s a breakthrough that enables cost-effective IoT deployments with seamless coverage so customers can be sure their devices remain connected anytime, anywhere, within the service area – even in the most remote places.”

Until now, LoRa technology had its limitations due to terrestrial infrastructure constraints. However, EchoStar’s innovative approach to satellite connectivity eliminates these barriers. 

Wienke Giezeman, CEO of The Things Industries, emphasised the significance of this collaboration:

“Our collaboration provides all the key features of our generic node combined with the wide area reach of the EchoStar network to enable smooth, universal LoRaWAN access, wherever the user may be.”

The collaboration introduces satellite connectivity to The Things Stack LoRaWAN Network Server and its Generic Node Concept Edition, empowering customers to extend the reach and reliability of their connected IoT devices effortlessly.

Furthermore, with the satellite capability and a limited-time free trial for each connected device, businesses can effortlessly expand their IoT deployments to remote and challenging locations.

EchoStar Mobile unveiled its pan-European LoRa-enabled IoT network last year; which has been successfully delivering bi-directional, real-time LoRa connectivity to customers across Europe.

With integration into The Things Stack Cloud, this latest offering takes on a global scale—ensuring multi-country service continuity for customers in various sectors, including utilities, transportation, logistics, and agritech.

This collaboration promises to deliver enhanced IoT connectivity and coverage, especially in areas where traditional infrastructure may be lacking.

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