Violeta Mitsova, MClimate: Improving sustainability one smart building at a time

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In a recent interview at IoT Tech Expo Europe, Violeta Mitsova, the co-founder of MClimate, shed light on the company’s approach to designing sustainable and efficient smart building solutions. Focusing on LoRaWAN technology, MClimate pioneers a path towards energy-efficient, secure, and easily accessible IoT systems.

Mitsova highlighted MClimate’s emphasis on LoRaWAN technology due to its extended battery life—enabling every device to last up to a decade. By combining LoRaWAN with solar panels, MClimate creates sustainable devices from the outset.

“We really focus on designing sustainable devices from the start, focusing on energy consumption, battery life, and no maintenance,” says Mitsova.

LoRaWAN also helps MClimate address security concerns with the IoT, including ensuring individual keys for each device to make unauthorised access practically impossible.

MClimate views educating consumers as key—addressing past IoT misconceptions and showcasing the evolution of smart technology tailored for large-scale installations, including commercial buildings, schools, and hospitals.

Empowering enterprises with data

Mitsova pointed out that MClimate’s clients, primarily commercial public buildings, are seeking sustainable solutions due to rising energy costs and ESG compliance demands. MClimate’s IoT systems not only offer energy efficiency but also provide valuable data for ESG reports.

“To make a building smart, we install thermostatic valves on radiators – or fan coil units, depending on how it’s heated – and then we take over each individual room’s control,” explains Mitsova.

“You can put schedules – which can be based on your office hours – and then, with that information, you can actually reduce the consumption by 35 percent.”

While AI and machine learning integration are on the horizon, Mitsova tells us that MClimate is first prioritising educating users and ensuring the security of data before implementing these advanced technologies.

“There’s a lot of mental obstacles to get through to get people to trust technology and then AI to do their building maintenance and operations,” says Mitsova.

Overcoming challenges through education and innovation

The major challenge lies in educating customers, particularly those entrenched in traditional systems. MClimate’s outreach efforts focus on demonstrating the benefits of IoT, emphasising its rapid deployment capabilities and minimal disruption during installation. 

Retrofitting existing buildings with IoT solutions is gaining traction. This is especially true in countries like Germany, where carbon taxes are driving the adoption of eco-friendly technologies.

“Currently, only one percent of the building stock in Europe is being retrofitted or modernised,” comments Mitsova.

“We’re starting to great progress in Germany, one of our biggest markets, where they have carbon taxes—that really drives a lot of people to look for solutions.”

With that in mind, Mitsova sees significant opportunities in the retrofit space, with vast potential for making existing buildings smarter and more energy-efficient.

“Educating customers involves introducing IoT as a viable alternative, emphasising its ability to automate and make a building smart within a day without the need for extensive maintenance or building works,” concludes Mitsova.

You can watch our full interview with Mitsova below:

(Photo by Ricardo Gomez Angel on Unsplash)

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