Elvaco adopts Coiote IoT Device Management Platform

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Elvaco, a provider of end-to-end metering solutions, has announced the successful integration of the Coiote IoT Device Management Platform.

Elvaco serves utilities and real estate companies worldwide. The implementation of the Coiote IoT platform aims to streamline operations, enhance product capabilities, and reinforce Elvaco’s market presence.

The impetus behind the adoption of the platform was Elvaco’s commitment to expanding its product line to meet the dynamic needs of its clients, while simultaneously optimising costs.

Focusing on solutions for low-powered battery-driven devices with LwM2M protocol capabilities, Elvaco says it embarked on an eight-month in-house development project before turning to the Coiote IoT Device Management Platform to enhance its capabilities further.

Christian Haraldsson, Head of Digitalisation & Product Manager at Elvaco, said: “Switching to the Coiote platform allowed us to achieve more while investing less. The platform’s features, which would have taken us considerable time to develop independently, have provided a competitive edge.”

Elvaco says key achievements of this implementation include:

  • Shortened time-to-market: Elvaco harnessed the platform’s power within just two weeks, allowing them to focus on delivering added value to their customers.
  • Competitive advantage: Seamless integration of battery-driven devices expanded Elvaco’s product range, solidifying its market position.
  • Scalability: Managing over 50,000 LwM2M devices, Elvaco says it’s actively planning for further scaling.
  • Outstanding support: The support from AVSystem’s team ensures platform reliability and customer satisfaction.

The Coiote IoT Device Management Platform’s adherence to LwM2M standardisation has played a pivotal role in providing insights into device health, enabling real-time monitoring for informed decision-making. The platform’s flexibility will help it meet specific project requirements.

(Photo by Joshua Sortino on Unsplash)

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