Uber will use Valid’s eSIM for IoT use cases

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Uber is enhancing its IoT deployments worldwide by adopting Valid’s mioSIM eSIM (embedded SIM) technology.

Valid’s mioSIM eSIM, in combination with ConnectedYou’s connectivity orchestration platform and Valid’s Remote SIM Provisioning software, enables Uber to efficiently manage multi-carrier connectivity across all mobile operators in the UberSIM ecosystem.

This integration empowers Uber with the flexibility to avail the best costs and quality for its various IoT deployments while simplifying its operations.

Rahul Vijay, Head of Global Direct Tech Deals at Uber, said:

“With access to millions of connected devices, we needed a one-stop-shop business model to deal with remote updates and streamline connectivity of the devices around the world in a simple way.

Valid’s solution gave us a way to simplify our operations and provide security to our connected devices while doing so.”

One of the key advantages of Valid’s state-of-the-art eSIM technology is its compliance with the latest specifications of the GSMA, the industry organisation that sets standards for the mobile ecosystem. This ensures that Valid’s eSIM solution is interoperable and efficient, allowing Uber to streamline its supply chain for connectivity access.

Regardless of the location of the IoT device, Uber can remotely manage or change connectivity subscriptions securely and swiftly.

By leveraging Valid’s solution, Uber can handle a single global UberSIM SKU (stock-keeping unit), which significantly simplifies its operations across the 70+ countries where Uber operates. This standardised approach to connectivity management reduces complexity and enhances efficiency for Uber’s IoT deployments worldwide.

Salvador Cabrera, COO of Valid Mobile, commented:

“Our expertise in providing eSIM interoperable solutions gave us enough background to be able to set up, test, and provide the service in record time while accommodating Uber-specific requirements.

Working with giants like Uber and with agile connectivity services providers like ConnectedYou perfectly illustrates Valid’s eSIM customer-centric strategy which aims to support our customers to provide an improved digital journey during the eSIM implementation, building a bridge between the connectivity providers and the OEMs.” 

By simplifying its operations and enhancing connectivity management, Uber is well-positioned to deliver unparalleled services and experiences to its customers worldwide.

As the IoT industry continues to grow, collaborations between tech giants like Uber and innovative solution providers like Valid are essential to drive progress and shape the future of connected technologies.

(Photo by Viktor Avdeev on Unsplash)

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