Soracom aims to improve IoT connectivity affordability

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Soracom has introduced a new cellular IoT data plan aimed at European startups and small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs).

The plan, called Plan X3-EU, is designed to facilitate the rapid deployment of connected products and services while minimising data costs.

With rates starting at just €4.50 for a full year of cellular IoT data at 25MB per month, Soracom’s Plan X3-EU offers an affordable and transparent solution for M2M devices and sensors.

One of the key features of Plan X3-EU is access to Soracom’s fully virtualised connectivity management platform. This platform provides a range of advanced cloud integrations and secure networking services specifically tailored to help IoT projects launch quickly and achieve scalability.

The European market is known for its intense competition and numerous providers and plans. By offering a simple and cost-effective solution, Soracom aims to alleviate the complexity and confusion around IoT connectivity in the region.

“When it comes to IoT connectivity, we know that companies building and scaling connected experiences in Europe face complex choices. ” said Ken Otsuki, Director of Business Development and Head of Carrier Relations at Soracom.

“With Plan X3-EU, they no longer have to compromise. Our customers can now get the benefits of broad coverage and transparent, predictable pricing without compromising on technical capability or expert support.”

Plan X3-EU includes Soracom’s renowned network management console and API at no additional cost. Customers also gain access to a wide range of advanced platform services, such as data visualisation, remote device access, and secure private networking.

By providing transparent pricing, advanced platform services, and expert support, Soracom aims to empower businesses to bring their connected experiences to market quickly and efficiently.

As the demand for IoT connectivity continues to grow, accessible and cost-effective solutions like Plan X3-EU are crucial in driving innovation and digital transformation across various industries.

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