Quest Global and Nvidia partner for digital twins in manufacturing

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Quest Global and Nvidia are teaming up to create digital twin solutions for the manufacturing and automotive industries on the latter’s Omniverse Enterprise platform.

Omniverse Enterprise is a scalable, end-to-end platform which enables enterprise organisations to build and operate metaverse applications. Teams can connect and customise complex 3D pipelines and operate large-scale, physically accurate virtual worlds, including entire premises such as factories.

Regular readers of IoT News will recall the shift Nvidia made towards the metaverse at its 2021 GTC event. The company’s interest across AI, digital twins, data centres and graphics processing made Nvidia a key player in making the metaverse a reality as those technologies converged, IoT News observed at the time.

Quest aims to ‘facilitate the transformation of the traditional manufacturing processes and facilities by enabling manufacturers to augment their physical production elements with large-scale, AI and IoT-enabled digital twin counterparts’, in the company’s words.

“As organisations work towards enabling their manufacturing operations with predictive analysis, operational efficiencies, and innovative automation, live digital twins of factory solutions play a vital role in achieving that,” said Dushyant Reddy, Quest global business head for hi-tech in a statement. “This association is a testament to our commitment towards helping our customers pursue the next frontier of innovation and solve the world’s hardest engineering problems.”

Digital twins are by no means a new concept, but there is certainly momentum around them for industrial use cases. Nicholas Cumins, chief operating officer at Bentley Systems, told SAP Brand Voice on Forbes earlier this month that digital twin technology was the ‘future of engineering.’ Bentley Systems has been using Nvidia Omniverse for the past two years.

Use cases for the Quest Global and Nvidia partnership include reducing waste, unlocking operational efficiencies, and more generally optimising their manufacturing, logistics and warehouse processes.

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