Eseye: Hardware design leads IoT deployment barriers

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A survey of more than 750 IoT professionals finds that hardware design is the number one perceived barrier to deployment.

The survey, conducted by Eseye in association with Kaleido Intelligence, set out to uncover the main pain points for IoT deployments.

Here are the key findings:

  • 84% stated hardware design is the number one barrier
  • 56% who’ve adopted cellular IoT are finding maintaining commercial relationships with multiple providers “too complex”
  • 51% of IoT deployers state connectivity performance and quality of service across international markets is “not good enough”
  • 48% believe robust multi-region cellular coverage is “lacking”
  • 46% state permanent roaming restrictions are still a key concern
  • 40% highlighted that the ability to customise with preferential operator contracts (Bring Your Own Contract – BYOC) was lacking in the IoT connectivity ecosystem

“Historically IoT has been viewed as too complex due to hardware, connectivity and security challenges; this survey shows that these challenges persist today,” commented Nick Earle, CEO of Eseye

“Frankly, customers deserve greater certainty and lower risk when they undertake IoT deployments. They need to be confident that their IoT project will deliver the expected outcomes and consistent quality of service internationally.”

Eseye believes its Infinity IoT Platform addresses many of the operational challenges faced by enterprises.

“To deliver the desired levels of confidence and return on investment from their IoT projects, businesses need to partner with industry specialists that can offer a centralised managed service for their IoT deployment, providing a holistic view of all hardware, connectivity and partnership management requirements in one place,” added Earle.

“With the new Infinity IoT Platform, our Enterprise customers are finally able to overcome the major IoT challenges and deploy IoT successfully to meet today’s and tomorrow’s connectivity needs.”.

Eseye also has confidence that its AnyNet Federation – with its access to over 700 global networks – solves the connectivity issues highlighted by the survey’s respondents.

“Connectivity is key for IoT to deliver value but with multiple contracts, combined with roaming restrictions, it is difficult for organisations to easily control their environment. This is where that commercial flexibility is really needed,” commented Steffen Sorrell, Research Lead at Kaleido Intelligence.

“Likewise, hardware device design and deployment issues were common, and this is where specialist help is critical – especially for new projects – to handhold the customer from initial design through to full deployment. While eSIM has been touted as the answer to many of these issues, it is not the panacea, as many of our respondents were reporting problems.”

(Photo by Matthew Garoffolo on Unsplash)

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