Enabling low-power devices in the Azure IoT Hub with the latest version of akenza.io

Enabling low-power devices in the Azure IoT Hub with the latest version of akenza.io Akenza AG was born in 2017 to deliver fast, easy and cost-effective IoT solutions. Akenza is headquartered in the financial capital of Switzerland, Zurich, where it helps companies from all around Europe to develop their own smart IoT solutions. Akenza is one of the winners of the IoT Breakthrough Award 2021, the technology provider received the title “Smart Construction Solution of the Year” in the field of the Internet of Things. With this competition, the creators of the IoT Breakthrough Award recognize, according to their own statements, "outstanding achievements and creativity, hard work and the success of IoT companies, technologies and products". The company has established itself in long-term relationships with major clients such as the Facility Management Provider ISS Switzerland, Georg Fischer as well as with various SMEs.

Akenza is glad to announce the integration of Microsoft’s Azure IoT Hub as a new Output Connector on the akenza IoT platform.

Imagine thousands of deployed IoT devices in an urban environment, vast numbers of devices that transmit and consume small amounts of data. Low-power wide-area network (LPWAN) technologies such as LoRaWAN and Sigfox are key connectivity technologies for the rollout of such IoT solutions. To reduce energy consumption and keep the data packets as small as...

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