Myriota launches US and Canada service alongside next-gen nanosatellite, dev toolkit

Myriota launches US and Canada service alongside next-gen nanosatellite, dev toolkit
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IoT satellite connectivity provider Myriota has launched commercial service in the US and Canada alongside the successful deployment of a next-gen nanosatellite and a developer toolkit.

Myriota raised $19.3 million in funding in April last year with the aim of expanding its satellite constellation to 25 by 2022. The new satellite launched this week represents a step towards that goal and is the first of three nanosatellites that will launch on Rocket Lab’s They Go Up So Fast mission.

The second-generation nanosatellites weigh less than seven kilograms and are equivalent to a loaf of bread in size.

Dr David Haley, Myriota CTO and Co-Founder, said:

“The launch of our second-generation network ushers in a new era for the global IoT sector – one where data from devices is accessible anywhere on the planet in a secure and affordable manner.

Myriota-certified devices, developed by our customers, are already in the hands of end-users and are revolutionising their industries. With our second-generation platform, they will now be able to send more messages and larger amounts of data each day.”

The new nanosatellites will help to deliver faster data transfer, reduced latency, and increased capacity for customers in the US and Canada who can now access Myriota’s network commercially for the first time.

“We are very excited to be launching our commercial service in the US and Canada. This expansion puts us in pole position in the race to provide connectivity everywhere to support a global IoT market that is expected to triple in size to more than 25.4 billion devices by 2030,” added Haley.

Myriota-certified devices have launched from the following companies:

  • Goanna Ag: GoRain, an automatic rain gauge, and GoTank, a water tank level monitor.
  • Yabby: Yabby Floating Level Sensor, a dam level monitor and Yabby Level Sensor and Rain Gauge, a dual tank level monitor and automatic rain gauge.
  • Zepiro: D2O (Direct-to-Orbit), a satellite telemetry solution that provides connectivity for a range of sensors including water quality, soil and advanced weather stations.
  • Myriota: Myriota Sense&Locate, an IoT development acceleration product for tracking and monitoring applications.

“As the first network of our kind to be supporting commercially-available products, we have already demonstrated the power of our unique direct-to-orbit technologies to transform the IoT sector,” Haley explains.

Myriota is also launching a new developer toolkit today to help more IoT products come to market. The second-generation toolkit features essential hardware components for development and experimentation in even the most environmentally-demanding and remote locations.

Myriota’s new toolkit costs $600 and can be found here. Myriota Modules – which claim to enable IoT connectivity for over 10 years on AA batteries and can send messages for just a few cents each – cost $50 each.

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