Dialog Semiconductor sets the IoTMark-WiFi benchmark score to beat

Dialog Semiconductor sets the IoTMark-WiFi benchmark score to beat
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Dialog Semiconductor has set a new record in the IoTMark-WiFi benchmark, even if it is the only current entry.

EEMBC’s IoTMark-WiFi benchmark aims to test the all-important energy efficiency of WiFi devices that are expected to have months, or more, of battery life while supporting typical IoT messaging demands.

The DA16200 is an SoC from Dialog which claims to offer “a breakthrough in battery life” for WiFi-connected, battery-powered IoT devices such as smart door locks and wearables.

“Today’s IoT sensors require frequent battery replacement which significantly impacts the customer experience,” said Sean McGrath, Senior VP and General Manager, Connectivity and Audio Business Group at Dialog.

“We designed the DA16200 to specifically address this issue and provide a leading battery lifetime.”

In the IoTMark-WiFi benchmark, the DA16200 set a score of 815 (equivalent to about 815 days of battery life for an IoT sensor running on two AA batteries).

The SoC features Dialog’s VirtualZero technology which enables a device to join and stay connected to a WiFi network at a very low average current to enable battery life that can often reach three- to five years.

Mohamed Awad, VP of IoT Business at Arm, commented:

“The IoT is transforming industries from industrial to home applications, with many of these new connected devices requiring a combination of long battery life and extremely low power.

By leveraging VirtualZero technology and the Arm(R) Cortex(R)-M4 processor, Dialog’s Wi-Fi SoC empowers customers to build disruptive, power-efficient IoT products for the future.”

More information about the DA16200 can be found here.

Current IoTMark-WiFI scores can be found here.

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