William Bain, CEO, ScaleOut Software: Real-time tracking with digital twins

William Bain, CEO, ScaleOut Software

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ScaleOut Software CEO William Bain discusses the challenges facing the telemetry industry, the advantages of the digital twin model, and some of the technological advances driving innovation in the IoT sphere.

What solutions is ScaleOut Software bringing to the IoT space?

ScaleOut Software’s cloud-hosted streaming service for IoT offers a breakthrough new approach to tracking telemetry in real time for large numbers of IoT devices. By incorporating fast, in-memory computing technology and by using the digital twin model, this cloud service can simultaneously analyse telemetry from thousands of devices and maintain contextual information about each device. These capabilities enhance introspection on each device’s dynamic state and boost situational awareness about the entire population of devices.

What are some of the latest developments at ScaleOut Software?

Recently we have been continuing to enhance our digital twin streaming service with new innovations, such as a business rules engine that simplifies developing code to run within a digital twin. We’ve also added geospatial mapping for continuous queries of digital twins.  This new feature helps users pinpoint exactly where issues are emerging and is especially useful in applications, such as telematics, which track moving data sources. Most recently, we released an on-premises version of our streaming service that offers all the capabilities of the cloud service.

What IoT trends have you noticed developing?

We are seeing an explosion in the deployment of intelligent IoT devices, most of which are producing telemetry that needs fast processing. This is coupled with rapid advances in wide area networking with technologies like 5G that enable analytics systems to communicate with IoT devices at much higher rates than ever before.

What key challenges do you think the IoT industry will face in the coming years?

Whether it’s for industrial automation, security, healthcare, or telematics, the ability to quickly process all this telemetry, respond to it, and maintain situational awareness has become critical. Recognition is now growing that use of the digital twin model can simplify the development of management software for IoT devices, and it can dramatically improve the quality of responses.

What are ScaleOut Software’s plans for the coming year?

We are planning some exciting extensions to our streaming service to enhance the capabilities of digital twins for performing streaming analytics while they are managing the properties and relationships between IoT devices and other physical entities.

ScaleOut Software will be presenting at TechEx Global in September 2021. What will you be talking about?

We are presenting a talk that explains how digital twins can be used for real-time device tracking in IoT. This talk describes current approaches to streaming analytics, which typically rely on query and offline analysis of message logs. It then shows how digital twins can complement these deployments with enhanced real-time processing that independently tracks the state of each IoT device.

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Bain will be providing insights into the advantages and use cases of real-time device tracking with digital twins during a talk on day one of IoT TechEx Global, which runs from 6-7 September 2021. Find out more about the event and how to attend here.

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