Prof. Dror Fixler, CEO, FirstPoint MG: Cellular cybersecurity in a post-pandemic world

Prof. Dror Fixler

Fin is a former junior editor at TechForge.

IoT News got in touch with FirstPoint Mobile Guard CEO Professor Dror Fixler and CMO Noa Ouziel to learn more about the cellular cybersecurity provider’s industry insights.

The company offers a holistic cellular security solution for mobile and IoT devices that provides transparent protection from espionage, surveillance, and data hacking.

“FirstPoint combines the IoT security with cellular connectivity, meaning networks are easily manageable whilst maintaining high levels of security against denial of service,” Fixler explains.

In Fixler’s view, the cellular security market is “incomplete” as businesses are forced to utilise multiple security solutions to address different threats through different methods.

His company’s response has been to develop an all-in-one solution that doesn’t require integration or user intervention, and the results speak for themselves.

“We were named Startup of the Year by the Mobile Breakthrough Awards in 2020 and entered into 2021 collaborating with the World Bank to work on protecting critical infrastructures in the Balkans from cyberattacks,” Fixler says.

Looking out towards the rest of the IoT industry, FirstPoint has noticed an increased need for enterprises to be adapting their IoT solution.

“COVID-19 has accelerated the number of attacks facing enterprises due to a diversification of the threat landscape and an increase in the size and number of criminal organisations shifting towards cybercrime.”

Fixler continues, “Whilst many enterprises want to disregard this issue and continue to share resources, such as in using the same signalling for their electricity and telecommunications, doing so makes them more vulnerable to attacks. A shared resource is a shared risk.”

But this disregard also extends into uncertainty at times, especially as the economy emerges from the pandemic.

“Businesses are not yet decided on how to deploy their products, there is still limited regulation in the IoT space and so we are in a key position right now to support the needs of IoT enterprises.”

With these industry challenges in mind, FirstPoint’s plans for the coming year are firmly solution driven.

“We plan to develop additional solutions to meet new demands from our global clients. Having said this, expanding our current solution for electricity and mobile phones will be a core component of the coming year’s strategy, especially as we continue to work alongside the World Bank.”

Joining the IoT Tech Expo virtually from Israel, FirstPoint CMO Noa Ouziel will be part of an all-star panel of female team leaders and strategists discussing where there are gaps in innovation for disruptive technologies.

Ahead of this talk on 7 September, Ouziel believes there is “a challenge for startups that want to solve gaps in customer needs and bring about innovation.”

In her view: “It’s really easy to meet corporates and have introductory talks with them, but having the ability to gain insights that could set you apart from the competition, understand the company’s needs and create innovation to meet that need? That’s really difficult.

Tune in to this panel with speakers from Dell, Verizon, and Lloyds Banking Group in September to learn more of what leading companies are doing to drive new innovation.

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