Jimmy Jones, head of security, ZARIOT: The importance of collaboration in IoT

Jimmy Jones, ZARIOT

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IoT News joined ZARIOT head of security Jimmy Jones to reflect on the security-focused connectivity provider’s recent growth, the importance of AI to IoT, and the need for continued industry collaboration.

What unique solutions is ZARIOT bringing to the IoT security space?

“ZARIOT is a cellular IoT connectivity provider, but one firmly focused on security. We strongly believe that successful IoT deployments must be built on secure foundations and that can only happen when both the connectivity and its security are fully assured. By establishing that environment for our customers, we can remove overhead allowing them to concentrate on innovation.”

How does ZARIOT use IoT differently to similar companies in this space?

“At ZARIOT we understand the opportunity of IoT today but also believe this is just the first baby steps. For our customers to fully realize the potential they need market longevity and that requires stability. By delivering secure connectivity, both in regards connection availability and reliability, in conjunction with data security and privacy, we can enable long term success.”

What are some of the latest developments at ZARIOT?

“We were very pleased to be awarded the GSMA’s coveted “Best Mobile Authentication and Security Solution” award at the 2021 Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. This was recognition of the investment we have made in additional tiers of security on top of what is already the most reliable and protected IoT connectivity in cellular.”

“This investment has involved fully securing the IoT core application interfaces, as well as the development of new patents for our SIMs and additional network protection. By addressing every element of the IoT ecosystem we can meaningfully contribute towards end-to-end IoT security.”

What are ZARIOT’s plans for the coming year?

“We are looking to expand on our commitment of delivering end-to-end security. We realize that IoT’s complexity means an enterprise will need an ecosystem of partners to deliver a project, and this will only expand as additional technologies and disciplines are incorporated. Each expert contributor must deliver their maximum to support the combined solution goal.”

“Cooperation and collaboration are key. At ZARIOT we are investigating ways we can help our ecosystem partners and are already developing and testing new ideas. Moving forward it is clear our IoT application should be the driver of our project. Enterprises that leverage their IoT projects the most to get exactly what they need will see the most benefits. A ‘me too’ mentality of accepting what previous vendors have done before seems doomed to disappointment. The more flexibility, coupled of course with commitment, ZARIOT can bring, the more successful our customers will be.”

How important is artificial intelligence to ZARIOT and the wider IoT industry?

“AI is essential to make the move from machine-to-machine (M2M) communication to true IoT, where the data collected must be combined with other information to create tangible value. A recent Google report said 66% of manufacturers who use AI see their reliance on it increasing, and from our own successes utilising AI to recognise IoT behavioural and traffic anomalies in our network traffic, we have to agree with them.”

What does ZARIOT plan to gain from the TechEx Global Expo on 6-7 September where you will be speaking at?

“We are presenting on subjects around cellular access and IoT security and we hope that is of interest to the attendees. However, the greater benefit for us will be to talk to enterprises and individuals who are starting or already building out IoT projects. IoT can be hugely diverse with different verticals having different concerns and needs. The more we understand those, the more we can use the tools we have to alleviate them and the better our offering will be. Connectivity is absolutely core to IoT but is nothing without innovation.”

To hear more from Jones, make sure to catch one of his talks at either the IoT Expo on denial of service or at the Cybersecurity & Cloud Expo on device security.

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