Microsoft and Cisco team up to integrate cloud and IoT platforms

Microsoft and Cisco team up to integrate cloud and IoT platforms
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Microsoft has announced a partnership with Cisco to integrate its Azure cloud with Cisco’s IoT platform in order to create the Cisco Edge to Microsoft Azure IoT Hub, a solution that will enable seamless connectivity and streamlined edge data flow into Azure IoT.

As per a Microsoft blog post by Tony Shakib, IoT business acceleration leader at Microsoft Azure, the integration “provides the necessary software, hardware, and cloud services that businesses need to rapidly launch IoT initiatives and quickly realise business value.” It is focusing on offering customers a fully integrated solution that gives access to powerful design tools, advance analytics, global connectivity and cognitive services for analysing IoT data.

In November 2019, Cisco made an unspecified investment on Titan Class, an Australian agricultural IoT firm, with whom Cisco partnered on an agritech offering. IoT Australia reported that both Cisco and Titan Class have co-developed an IoT decision support platform for farmers. The eXtensible Decision Platform incorporating Streambed is an open source event-first microservice toolkit for IoT services. This offering provides farmers real-time insight into the health of their crops by monitoring soil conditions, including pH levels as well as humidity.

Additionally, Microsoft’s IoT Signals report in August 2019 revealed that despite IoT adoption is increasing rapidly, the industry still faces significant skill gaps, alongside complexity and security challenges. Microsoft surveyed more than 3,000 IoT decision-makers and found that responders believed that two years from now 30% of their company’s revenue will come from nowhere else but IoT. Respondents also believed that AI, edge computing and 5G are critical technology drivers for IoT success in next two years.

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