How IoT and AI can enable companies to restart their business during Covid-19

How IoT and AI can enable companies to restart their business during Covid-19 Dimitrios Spiliopoulos is an Internet of Things Strategist, Evangelist and Professor. He helps clients (vendors or adopters of IoT) to start and grow their IoT business through his IoT business services (consulting and training). Dimitrios is also Adjunct Professor in the top tier MBA of IE Business School where he offers his business focused Internet of Things course. He is an IoT mentor of startups and frequent speaker at IoT Conferences. He has worked in IoT with startups and corporates such as Sony Semiconductors, O2-Telefonica and Vodafone as contractor/IoT consultant. Previously he worked in business roles for manufacturing, mining and constructions industries in EMEA and India. He is currently based in London, while he has lived in 6 countries.

After months of extreme uncertainty, pause of economies and isolation in our homes, finally economies slowly restart their operations and transactions. However, this transition will not be smooth. There are many rules related to physical distance and hygiene as well as limitations which still force employers to ask their employees to work from home (for months). Of course, these rules are more than necessary so we can avoid the second wave of the pandemic, but there are some key concerns...

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