Arduino-compatible dev board Frame.IoT seeks crowdfunding

Arduino-compatible dev board Frame.IoT seeks crowdfunding
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The Frame.IoT, an Arduino-compatible developer board which aims to help users connect to Internet of Things projects, is currently looking for crowdfunding on the Kickstarter platform.

The Frame.IoT development kit is integrated with Wi-Fi, supports Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), can be operated using a rechargeable battery, and deployed in a number of ways. The board features 16 RGB LEDs arranged in a circular pattern, along with a single button in the middle of the board.

The kit also supports external actuators and sensors and features a microSD card slot, a USB to serial converter, a micro USB port, includes 13 jumper pins among other components. According to the Frame.IoT creator, Joshua Perk, the final version of the board may include a Type-C port.

As per the project's Kickstarter page, some of the potential use cases available to build on Frame.iot include a Bluetooth, mobile app-controlled robotic car, a smart home-connected plant water level sensor, a real-time Bitcoin or stock ticker with LED indications, or a weather logging sensor.

At the time of print the Frame.iot project has raised £1,712 of its £7,552 goal. The funding campaign is running until April 23.

Earlier this month, Arduino, along with Microsoft, partnered with Thales and Telstra to deploy a GSMA solution that would enable trusted and secure end-to-end communication between device and cloud to pave way for scalable security for connected IoT devices. As billions of devices collect, process and send data to the cloud within the IoT ecosystem, a variety of IoT services are executed. In order to enable security, the IoT cloud service must have absolute trust in data received from connected devices.

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