Samsung SDS collaborates with Telensa over smart city projects

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Samsung SDS has announced that it is working with Telensa on the Urban Data Project – a cloud platform that builds a trust infrastructure for urban data that allows cities to gather, protect, and use the data for the welfare of the public.

The partnership will break the ground of the project in South Korea and then take it further across Asia Pacific and the US. Cities will financially benefit from energy savings and will have access to a massive ecosystem of sensor applications by integrating the Telensa PLANet streetlight control application within Samsung SDS Brightics IoT platform.

“We are delighted to be working with Telensa to enable cities to harness and protect their urban data assets on behalf of their citizens,” said Sean Im, senior vice president of solution business division at Samsung SDS. “Brightics IoT will provide effective data collection and analytics, which will lead to improved quality of life for citizens.

“By combining the capabilities of both companies, Samsung SDS plans to further explore new possibilities to adopt the latest information technologies, including AI and blockchain.”

In April, Qualcomm Technologies launched its smart cities accelerator programme that will play an important role in bringing together various communities of companies that has been making use of the company’s proprietary products to offer a solutions-focused website for the application of smart cities around the world. The programme will bring government agencies, cities, enterprises, and municipalities together with an ecosystem of providers that are offering Qualcomm Technologies’ technology-based solutions tailored for the application of smart cities. In this same month, Qualcomm had launched its new Snapdragon chips for high as well as mid-tier devices that benefit from a big jump in AI performance.

At last September’s IFA event in Berlin, Samsung displayed how AI and IoT-based innovative technologies that are powered by AI and IoT are able to bring comfort and convenience to people’s live. The company showcased a multitude of its next-gen innovations at the IFA 2018. These included the Q900R QLED 8K television, a cutting-edge Micro LED screen designed for enterprise and out-of-home viewing environments, the new HW-N950 and HW-N850 premium soundbars from Samsung and Harman Kardon, a Family Hub refrigerator, Quick Drive washing machine, the Galaxy Note9 mobile phone, and new Galaxy Watch. in hearing industry leaders discuss subjects like this? Attend the IoT Tech Expo World Series events with upcoming shows in Silicon Valley, London, and Amsterdam.

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  1. Smart City on

    Nice project announced by Samsung SDS working with Telensa on the Urban Data Project, which helps to develop the city and turn to the next level of a new generation for upcoming technologies


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