World Economic Forum launches global councils across IoT, blockchain, AI and more to ‘restore trust’ in tech

The World Economic Forum (WEF) has launched six Global Fourth Industrial Revolution Councils to help policymakers and businesses strike the right balance between enabling emerging technologies and effectively alleviating social risks in order to benefit the society.

The Councils - which will bring more than 200 leaders together from the public and private sectors, civil society and academia from across the world - will cover the most important technologies like AI, blockchain, IoT, autonomous mobility, drones, and precision medicine.

All experts will work together to develop policy guidance, bridge the “governance gaps” and make well-defined rules for emerging technologies that were not present earlier.

Richard Samans, managing director and head of policy and institutional impact at the World Economic Forum, said: “Companies and governments are not moving fast enough to anticipate social expectations in the Fourth Industrial Revolution. We believe that that this bottom-up, societally-focused approach can help to build and maintain public trust in the technologies while strengthening the evidence base on which policy decisions are made by governments and companies. This is the first place where this kind of high-level, strategic dialogue on the governance of these technologies will take place across stakeholders and regions on an on-going basis.”

In February at MWC 2019, IoT News spoke with Ericsson’s IoT business head Jeff Travers about the industry’s progress and the opening of new possibilities due to emerging technologies, with transportation as a key emerging area. “A lot of IoT today is connecting ‘a product’ or ‘a function’, but we’re about connecting systems and the smart harbour is connecting multiple in the ecosystem,” he said. “You’d be surprised how many people it takes working together to get a harbour to work.” in hearing industry leaders discuss subjects like this? Attend the IoT Tech Expo World Series events with upcoming shows in Silicon Valley, London, and Amsterdam.

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