Audi GLOSA helps drivers breeze past green traffic lights

Audi’s latest feature wants to help drivers ensure they’re not stuck at red traffic lights by connecting to city infrastructure.

The feature is called Green Light Optimised Speed Advisory (GLOSA) and will advise the driver of what speed to go at in order to catch the “green wave” and breeze past traffic lights safely.

Hopefully, it will lead to more of the wonderful moments depicted by James Corden in this advert:


Audi’s system works by monitoring the car’s position, current speed, and the limit of the road. By connecting with city infrastructure to know when a traffic light is due to change, the system calculates whether the driver could speed up or slow down to reach it when it’s green.

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In addition to reducing driver frustration and making driving more enjoyable, there are environmental benefits. Pulling away from a stop consumes more fuel and causes greater emissions than maintaining constant momentum.

Mark Del Rosso, President of Audi America, said:

“Audi is committed to moving America in many ways, including through the development of industry-leading connectivity and mobility solutions.

Not only do vehicle-to-infrastructure technologies like GLOSA benefit drivers today, but they’re also the critical steps needed as we continue toward an automated future.”

Back in 2017, Audi debuted its ‘Trafflic Light Information’ system – an early version of this technology. The system informed drivers how long they’d be waiting at red lights but did not provide information on how to avoid them.

Drivers will need to be in a city supporting Audi’s Vehicle-to-Infrastructure (V2I) connectivity. There are now 13 cities and over 4,700 intersections which support it.

Audi V2I-enabled metro areas include: Dallas, Denver, Gainesville, Fla.; Houston, Kansas City, Kansas; Las Vegas, Los Angeles, New York City, Orlando, Fla.; Phoenix, Portland, Ore.; San Francisco, and Washington, D.C. and northern Virginia.

The automotive giant believes the feature could expand to include integration with the vehicle’s start/stop function, optimised navigation routing, and other predictive services.

Audi drivers are truly becoming “Mr Green Light” (if you watched the ad, you’ll understand.) in hearing industry leaders discuss subjects like this? Attend the IoT Tech Expo World Series events with upcoming shows in Silicon Valley, London, and Amsterdam.</

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