Microsoft teams up with Electric Imp for secure IoT

Microsoft teams up with Electric Imp for secure IoT IoT News is a practical resource providing news, analysis and opinion on the burgeoning Internet of Things ecosystem, from standardisation, to business use cases, and development opportunities. We take the best research and put our own spin on it, report from the frontline of the industry, as well as feature contributions from companies at the heart of this revolution.

Secure edge-to-enterprise IoT connectivity provider Electric Imp’s IoT platform will now offer Azure-based managed services to speed up IoT deployments on public and private clouds after the two companies announced a partnership.

The new offering, widens the IoT connectivity provider’s cloud options to include a public impCloud on Azure, allowing existing as well as fresh Microsoft customers to implement Azure-based IoT solutions.

Hugo Fiennes, CEO and co-founder of Electric Imp, said: “With access to Azure and Electric Imp’s powerful IoT platform, Microsoft Azure users are gaining pre-integrated connectivity that virtually eliminates the complexities of deploying, commissioning, securing, and managing IoT devices at scale. Industrial and commercial customers can now easily and securely connect new and retrofit IoT applications to Microsoft Azure IoT Hub and fully realize the value of Microsoft’s advanced data analytics, machine learning and other powerful tools.”

Azure IoT Hub and Electric Imp’s scalable and secure connectivity platform will benefit users both in the commercial and industrial levels by simplifying retrofits of new and existing products for end-to-end IoT applications. Electric Imp’s integration with Microsoft Azure IoT Hub allows customers to securely integrate real-world data with a wide range of Microsoft offerings including Azure IoT Central, Azure IoT Suite, Power BI, and Dynamics.

Elsewhere, cloud-based IT management technology provider Verismic has released its Q1 2018 IoT report, explaining the present state of IoT devices within a corporate setting and talking about the hurdles in threat management. The first of its kind agentless cloud management suite under Verismic's software portfolio has released a version that features a centralised solution to track and control IoT devices. Verismic Software CEO Ashley Leonard claims that their IoT Device Management feature “will solve the problem of visibility into the major vulnerabilities IoT devices present.”

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