Google is preparing an Amazon Echo Show competitor

Perhaps it was only a matter of time, but rumours indicate Google is preparing to launch a competitor to the Amazon Echo Show.

TechCrunch reports hearing from multiple sources that Google is building a smart home device with a screen. Like with the Echo Show, this would allow the device to display useful information visually such as the weather forecast.

Amazon has left itself somewhat vulnerable in this space with the Echo Show often seen as having the right idea, but with a lackluster execution.

The original Echo Show, in particular, suffered from a low-resolution screen by today’s standards of just 1024x600. This is much lower than most smartphone screens while also being larger than most at 7-inches.

Earlier this week, Amazon launched its updated Echo models but the Show was left untouched. Instead, a new device called the ‘Echo Spot’ was launched which can only be described as a small orb with a screen. Its small size will likely be used primarily as a bedside alarm clock, but it’s little use for a primary “home control” device.

This leaves the goal open for Google to close the sales gap between the far more successful Echo line. In fact, Google is said to have planned to launch this device in 2018 but plans have been fast-tracked to release this year.

What may add fuel to this rumour is that Google has just yanked support for YouTube from the Echo Show. This would, of course, be seen as a key feature on any similar device coming from Google.

A device similar to the Amazon Echo from Google may also boost usage of its ‘Duo’ video-calling service which seems to have received a recent marketing push with new ads appearing here on UK television.

If you ask us, all the signs are pointing towards an incoming announcement. Google does have a press event coming up on October 4th…

Are you excited for an Echo Show competitor from Google? Let us know in the comments.

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