Moving AI into the testing sphere: TestPlant announces new product suite

Software business provider TestPlant has announced the launch of its digital automation intelligence testing suite, aiming to help organisations keep up with developmental challenges through artificial intelligence (AI).

The suite “accurately verifies, predicts and monitors the user experience and customer success of an application before and after each release, shifting testing from a compliance activity to a revenue generating profit centre focused on customer satisfaction, conversion, adoption, and retention,” in the words of the company.

The AI side comes in through Eggplant AI – Eggplant being the company’s primary software testing product – which aims to use artificial intelligence, machine learning and analytics to predict where quality issues are most likely to occur and help collate data for teams to resolve it quicker. It works across the range of Eggplant products, including among others Eggplant Manager to orchestrate text execution, and Eggplant Integration, to integrate with the rest of an organisation’s DevOps infrastructure.

“The challenge in testing is that it’s always been about ‘does the code work?’, ‘is there a bug at line three?’ and so on… but applications are no longer successful just about that – they’re successful if they absolutely delight their users, and they capture the imagination,” said Dr. John Bates, CEO of TestPlant. “It’s amazing how disposable these things are, so you really want to delight your customers. It’s about testing now through the eyes of the user.”

“It’s broadening automation from not just automated testing and execution, but also applying AI and analytics to be able to help with the generation of the test cases themselves by analysing the system,” Bates added.

Speaking to this publication earlier this month, Bates discussed the opportunities for AI in the testing industry. “Imagine how better our applications are going to be if you’ve got humans focused on sending armies of algorithms out to zero in on particular places and make recommendations about improving the human experiences, removing bugs, and performance,” he said.

The product move comes amidst survey results, issued by TestPlant and conducted by Kickstand, which find that of 600 app development respondents, 91% said increased user expectations were one of their primary concerns. in hearing industry leaders discuss subjects like this and sharing their IoT use-cases? Attend the IoT Tech Expo World Series events with upcoming shows in Silicon Valley, London and Amsterdam to learn more.

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