WaterGroup to leverage its smart water metering solutions using Thinxtra’s LPWAN

WaterGroup, a leading smart water meter provider in Australia, has signed a five-year agreement with Thinxtra. WaterGroup will make use of Thinxtra’s Sigfox Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN) to boost the capabilities of its IoT smart water meter connections.

WaterGroup, after having spent 24 months researching and developing multiple LPWAN (Low Power Wide Area Network) wireless technologies, found the Sigfox technology most suitable to fit its needs. Thinxtra is expecting the Sigfox network to cover 95% of the Australian population by the end of 2017 from the current cover of 71%.

Guenter Hauber-Davidson, managing director of WaterGroup, believes that heavy users of water will be most benefitted by the usage of this network coverage because it provides many valuable additional offerings apart from the automated meter readings, such as detection of leakage and unauthorised usage. Providing clients with such alerts in real time can lead to tremendous water and costs savings.

Hauber-Davidson said the smart water meter systems and solutions will eliminate the bill shock that users get when they realise that their quarterly water bill has gone up enormously due to a costly leak or large unauthorised use.

He is hopeful of beating the past connectivity-related cost constraints by using Thinxtra’s simple-to-use, large-scale and low-cost Sigfox network, monitoring their water use and identifying leaks.

Loic Barancourt, Thinxtra’s chief executive, said WaterGroup has been chosen as a partner 'because it is one of the leading providers of systems and solutions to the smart water meter market in Australia with an excellent reputation of delivering tangible business outcomes to its enterprise and utility customers.'

Thinxtra is gaining wide acceptance and popularity in Australia as the network of choice for IoT because it makes it simple and economical for objects to connect owing to the Sigfox networks deployed and operating nationwide.

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John Kingsley-Jones
18 Jul 2017, 5:19 a.m.

Hi, just a quick correction to this story. WaterGroup is a leading player in the smart water meter market in Australia. Not sure why your writer described WaterGroup as " a renowned name in water conditioning, manufacturing and distribution business since 50 years in North America". Can you please correct the story? If your writer needs more info this can be found at water group.com.au. Thanks and regards


24 Jul 2017, 6:08 p.m.

Hi John, thank you for pointing this out and apologies for the error. The piece has since been fixed.