HARMAN launches Ignite to manage in-car apps and their IoT communications

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HARMAN has launched their Ignite platform which aims to provide an end-to-end solution for managing in-car applications while also enabling vehicles to communicate with the wider IoT.

Automakers, dealers, and service providers will be able to deploy new cloud applications and services using HARMAN's experience in both vehicle and cloud technologies. "The HARMAN Ignite platform is a perfect match for Subaru because it allows us to streamline our process for device management," said Anthony Landamia, infotainment product manager, Subaru of America. 

The solution is scalable and modular, allowing OEMs to purchase a base product and expand upon it with further capacity and features as needed. 

"Ignite is part of the evolution of HARMAN being a service provider and application enabler in the connected car of the future," said Roger Lanctot, associate director, global automotive practice, Strategy Analytics. "Car companies are seeking secure, flexible platforms that enable rapid prototyping and updating of new services targeting new vehicle ownership models and use cases." 

HARMAN plans to demonstrate the following use cases for Ignite during CES this week: 

  • Vehicle Connect: Allows a vehicle to communicate through the cloud to other platforms such as smart homes, smart infrastructures, and vehicle-to-vehicle – which helps simplify, streamline and enhance user experiences. 

  • Cloud-Based Driver Profiles: Leverages the cloud to set preferences for content in any vehicle the consumer accesses. This solution leverages predictive learning in the vehicle to adjust preferences, provides access to third party services regardless of vehicle and accommodates cloud portability of preferences and identity. 

  • Car-as-a-Service: Delivers a cloud service enabling car-sharing, ride-sharing and fleet management models. 

  • Vehicle Health and Diagnostics: Offers insights into vehicle health to help build relationships with car owners and improves car performance while increasing dealer service revenue. 

  • Content Personalization: Delivers personal content intelligently for a driver's commute. 

  • Vehicle Analytics: Provides insight into vehicle usage/quality issues for an individual or group of users. 

While the enhanced infotainment possibilities which Ignite enables is enough to be excited about itself, the most groundbreaking will be how it allows the vehicle to interact with the wider IoT as part of smart homes and city infrastructure. 

This will enable your car to open the garage door, turn on the lights, and get your home warm as you arrive home. With the right city infrastructure in place, bridge tolls could be paid as you drive through, or traffic lights could report to your in-car GPS when they're about to go red and route you around to keep you on-the-move if time will be saved. 

"We're thrilled to introduce the HARMAN Ignite platform at CES, as it underscores our strength as a turnkey provider of comprehensive, integrated services for the automotive industry and across all IoT vertical markets," said Sanjay Dhawan, president of HARMAN Connected Services. "With the HARMAN Ignite Platform, our current and prospective customers and partners can maximise efficiencies and minimize internal costs in their goal to fully offer the connected lifestyle experience. We're offering a whole new level of customized and personalized services benefitting OEMs, consumers and enterprises in the growing car share industry in an unprecedented way." 

Are you excited by the potential of HARMAN's new platform? Share your thoughts in the comments. 

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