Growth in Industrial IoT driven by cost, efficiency and safety requirements


Lux Research, in a new report titled “Defining the Industrial Internet of Things” argues that cost, efficiency and safety requirements are driving growth in the Industrial IoT (IIoT) as companies across the globe, across industries, look to boost connectivity at the workplace. The research firm has classified connected assets into four categories – equipment, people, goods, and environments.

Lux Research has given examples of how companies are making use of IIoT. Daimler has utilised PINC Solutions' RFID-based systems to gain 99% trailer yard accuracy and 50% reduction in trailer move time in its 1.3 million square foot plant in Saltillo. Equivital facilitated health and safety with a deployment of its IIoT systems at a chemical plant. The company’s EQ-02 LifeMonitor features a wearable that workers carry around their chests, which has brought about a substantial reduction in rate of injury at this plant.

Isaac Brown, Lux research analyst and lead author of the report, said: “In cases ranging from wearables to real-time location systems in large yards, vendors like Equivital and PINC Solutions are establishing a clear value proposition in the quest to find viable business cases. Goals range from employee safety to simple efficiency improvements in asset management – but users need to remain cautious about practical obstacles to proving this value in real operations.”

Meanwhile, Sight Machine has aided an apparel manufacturer in ascertaining underperforming factories, optimising processes and recommending a more effective preventive maintenance schedule. This has been facilitated with the collection and analysis of real-time data at multiple factories.

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17 Jan 2017, 3:33 p.m.

IIoT is a really important area for development and success for facilities managers working at large plants where health and safety hazards are lurking around each corner. Wearables for staff and other detection and prevention devices are hugely important in this sector and are slowly becoming the new best friends of FMs on industrial sites. It is added support for FMs especially those on large sites where it can be difficult to have eyes on everyone and everything all at once. As well as the added health and safety benefits there is an efficiency issue here as well, FMs can streamline practises by easily identifying practises that can be done differently.