Review: Logi Circle captures life's best moments

Over the past few weeks there's been an uptick in IoT security cameras arriving in the office, so it's refreshing to use a camera less about protecting your home from thieves and more about capturing the moments in your life which matter. 

Logi Circle is a playful device, in line with the Logi brand, but should it take a spot on your shelf at home? 


I've always had a certain affection for Logitech's devices, they're often well-designed and reliable. The Logi Circle hasn't disappointed and, despite appearing like a giant eyeball, the design is approachable with nice flourishes here and there like a silver ring which surrounds the lens and hides the device's two-way speaker and microphone setup.

(Image: Logi Circle) 

Even the Logi Circle's box is well-designed, it's an example of packaging you don't want to chuck away even though most people will have little use for it once the device is out. Included within the packaging you'll find the device, a charging dock, and set-up manual.

(Image: Circle Package Contents) 

The charging dock is particularly interesting as it consists of a conductive ring with the inner circle hollowed-out, it looks simplistic yet futuristic at the same time. Logi Circle's dock is designed in this way to allow the device to be rotated 360-degrees whilst being charged. The device itself can only be tilted up and down manually; which is a shame you don't have automatic control from the app. 

Whilst the Logi Circle uses a dock for charging, it can be removed and placed anywhere within range of your router for up to 3 hours if you'd prefer to use it elsewhere. Unfortunately, the WiFi range appears to fall short up to other cameras we've tested so ensure you have good coverage. 


Logi's app for the Circle is bare in terms of functionality when compared to other cameras in the category. We'd imagine the simplicity is somewhat purposeful to allow its unique lifelogging feature to shine through, and to allow younger audiences to use the app, but it's a shame Logi hasn't decided to provide a few more "power" features or at least open the Circle to third-party developers. 

All the actions for the Logi Circle can be found on its main screen. You'll open the app to a full-HD live view of the camera, with sound, and can access the past 24 hours of footage (stored free in the cloud over this period.)

(Image: Logi Circle App) 

Footage is retrieved through a series of scrollable circles with time details on each. Moments where a lot of motion was detected will be highlighted blue, whereas grey is supposed to represent less interesting moments. 

At the end of the day you can scroll to a bubble at the bottom which allows you to generate a "day brief" which is a time-lapse of the entire day and will only feature moments when motion was detected. This brief can be downloaded for permanent storage on your device, or to be shared wherever you choose. 

It's a shame that for its most unique feature it’s a lacklustre implementation from Logi and offers no customisation over moments you'd like to include or exclude. The day brief also contains no sound, which could be improved with just a few stock music tracks. 

On iOS, there is a button in the bottom-left for taking a quick still photo of the current scene. On Android, it's an option strangely missing. Next to this button is another to activate the device's microphone to use to-way audio, which is fast, loud, and clear (it's also the best way to freak out your loved ones, if you're so inclined.) 


Most people spend most of their evenings in the living room with the TV on, which could affect what you’re able to capture as you'll be picking up the background noise which could ruin the moment. There's little that Logi can do about this, but it could render the device obsolete for many households. 

Where the Logi Circle shines is with young children in the family, where you could use the device as a baby monitor in their bedroom and hopefully capture those wonderful fleeting moments like when a child first walks or talks.  

Logi Circle is £160 as of writing, and it's hard to recommend over similarly priced but more capable rivals such as the Nest Cam. The Circle is essentially a glorified webcam, and there are much cheaper alternatives even if they don't have such a high-end or playful design. 

You can find our full video review of the Logi Circle here, or grab more information about the device from Logi's website

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