IoT failing to gain traction among federal government agencies, research argues

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The Center for Data Innovation has released analysis that reveals that federal government agencies have fallen behind in terms of adoption of IoT technology - as only a few have shown openness to innovation.

The analysis argues that agencies need to push through a number of reforms in order to dispel restrictions that hold back more adoption of IoT technology.

Daniel Castro, the Center’s director and the report’s lead author, said: “A few early adopters in the public sector have already demonstrated how the Internet of Things can help government provide better services to citizens at a lower cost. Unfortunately, overall adoption across federal agencies is still very low, especially when you look outside the defence arena.

“This is particularly unfortunate because, beyond the many benefits the government could see directly in the form of more efficient and effective service, robust federal adoption could also help spur commercial adoption—and that would mean even greater benefits for consumers, businesses, and the economy as a whole,” he added.

“The federal government needs to create a proactive strategy to accelerate adoption; otherwise it will continue to lag behind private sector adoption.”

Castro, along with co-authors Joshua New and Alan McQuinn, found that IoT technology provides several avenues for agencies to bring about cost reductions and provide improved public services, including projects that improve public safety, reduce energy use, enhance military capabilities, and improve worker health. Overall adoption is restricted by a number of issues, including lack of strategic leadership, skills, and funding; inadequate procurement policies; and unwillingness to take on risks related to privacy, security, interoperability, data governance, and return on investment.

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