New research shows how IoT continues to gain momentum in US


A recent report from the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) reveals the exact picture of Americans who are getting used to the Internet of Things (IoT).

The report, which was conducted by MARU/VCR&C and polled over 1,200 US adults, argues that nearly every device, appliance, and even apparels are entering the ‘connected’ domain.

Around two-thirds of Americans, i.e. 62%, own at least one Internet of Things connected device (connected car, connected/smart TV, fitness tracker, home control system or appliance, internet-enabled voice command, smart glasses, smart watch, VR headset, or wearable), according to the study. A majority of the surveyed, i.e. 97%, said that they have heard of these types of connected devices and 65% of those who have yet to buy are interested in purchasing one.

Also, 65% said that they are willing to receive ads on IoT screens while 62% already report of seeing an ad on an IoT connected gadget. More than half (55%) of the US adults — whether IoT device owners or not — said that they would be willing to see ads on these devices in exchange for an offering from a marketer, such as a coupon (44%), extra features (30%), or access to exclusive games (19%).

Interestingly, the study also revealed that IoT owners are likely to be parents aged 18-34, with college educations and household incomes above the national USD 50K average.

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