Exploring the potential of IoT in manufacturing: The next steps

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The Internet of Things (IoT) has significant potential in manufacturing, bridging the digital and physical world and streamlining efficiency, according to abas ERP.

The company argues an IoT-enabled machine would communicate its performance data directly with the manufacturer, and would alert the operators or floor managers if a certain subassembly or part was not performing at the right level. The machine would also send automated messages to the manufacturer for performing maintenance or shipping a necessary part.

IoT's potential does not just end at the production floor; it could also transform the effectiveness of the manufacturer's supply chain. OEMs on the supply side could improve their efficiency significantly in terms of managing relationships with their suppliers. As lean manufacturing becomes the norm, OEMs need to have just the right inventory level at all times, and IoT can be utilised to ensure this. Suppliers can be automatically alerted if a certain product needs to be replenished, and they can then prepare and ship the item as and when the manufacturer needs it.

OEMs can also develop connective capabilities into their products for improving post-sale services on the customer side. For instance, an IoT-enabled car can come with an inbuilt system that lets the manufacturer and end user know of the optimal time for repair, before a breakdown actually occurs. This could open up more post-sale revenue streams for the OEM, while also improving the customer's service experience.

Despite the clear potential of IoT in the manufacturing sector, many manufacturers still struggle with planning its integration into operations. The application of IoT in this sector remains in its infancy.

Bugra Derre, technical consultant for mobile applications and the IoT at abas ERP, said: "Even though we've seen some of what the Internet of Things can do for businesses, it's still a young concept. There could be many benefits and creative uses that arise in the future that haven’t even been thought of yet."

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