HARMAN launches Ignite to manage in-car apps and their IoT communications

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HARMAN has launched their Ignite platform which aims to provide an end-to-end solution for managing in-car applications while also enabling vehicles to communicate with the wider IoT.

Automakers, dealers, and service providers will be able to deploy new cloud applications and services using HARMAN's experience in both vehicle and cloud technologies. "The HARMAN Ignite platform is a perfect...

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How public sector infrastructure can support IoT growth


Infrastructure is an essential building block of our digital networks. Without robust and functioning infrastructure in place it is not possible to deliver the connected services that businesses need to operate and grow and that residents have come to expect.

Digital infrastructure does support economic growth and social inclusion, and therefore it must function correctly, be able to handle the demands of future capacity, and be economically viable.

Although the telecommunications...

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When are we going to have a fully driverless world?


A 12-year-old boy recently asked me, if driverless cars are so safe, why aren’t we using them already?

It’s a good question when there is so much media coverage about Google bubble cars crisscrossing town centres, and high performance saloons gliding around car parks, yet the notion of us letting go of the wheel seems just too ‘unnatural’. Are we really happy to let big brother take over?

Only last week the headline ‘Look, no hands!’ was pasted across a Dubai...

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Lack of framework-based approach delaying Indian smart city projects, says Gartner


Research firm Gartner says less than 10% of large-scale, city-wide smart city projects will be implemented across India by 2020.

Currently, the lack of a holistic, framework-based approach and a viable revenue model have delayed such projects in the country which is why many small pilot projects are underway instead of larger scale efforts.

Ganesh Ramamoorthy, research vice president at Gartner, said: “While many Indian cities have announced smart city projects, a structured...

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Can geographic information system technology and IoT be a match made in heaven?


As our cities and rural areas get smarter and the volume of data generated by IoT-enabled devices increases, so does the potential for Geographic Information System (GIS) technology to transform project planning and service delivery and business strategy across many sectors.

The beauty of GIS mapping technology is not just the ability to provide visual representation of datasets in an easy to digest format, but the potential to combine or correlate this information with all kinds of...

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Tech giants including Facebook, Microsoft, Amazon, Google, and IBM form Partnership on AI

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The world's biggest advancements often come from talented individuals putting their minds together with a common goal. Today's giants of tech started with humble beginnings – such as in a garage or dorm room – but are now brimming with talent looking for the next big thing. 

A collective of the world's biggest technology pioneers has joined forces in a historic partnership...

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Verizon to acquire Sensity Systems for greater smart cities push


American telecom giant Verizon Communications has signed an agreement to acquire California-based Sensity Systems as the company aims to add a suite of comprehensive smart city solutions enabled by its ThingSpace IoT platform.

Sensity Systems taps LED lighting conversions to create a sensor-based, high-speed multiservice IoT platform. It currently has 42 smart city installations worldwide, supplied through its ecosystem partners. These installations enable municipal and facility...

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It's a bird... It's a plane... It's a Domino's Pizza drone!

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Ever fancied your pizza flown to you? Domino's Pizza could be the first thing you have flown to your house by drone after the firm partnered with Flirtey to launch the first commercial drone delivery service in the world before the end of the year. 

With the amount of buzz surrounding Amazon's delivery drones, most of us expected Bezo's giant to be...

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Come back Project NOAH: Smart city award for Philippines initiative

Project NOAH, the Philippines’ key disaster risk reduction and management system which was launched in 2012, has won an IDC award for the top smart city initiative in public safety at the analyst firm’s Smart City Asia Pacific awards (SCAPA).

For the awards, IDC Government Insights conducted a six-phase benchmarking exercise that involved identifying and cataloguing the key projects, online voting for public opinion, and assessment of an international advisory council.

Jubert Daniel Alberto,...

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How brands can leverage the IoT and connected tech to become public servants


As we all know, the Internet of Things (IoT) holds great promise to connect the physical and digital worlds, bringing previously inaccessible data to the city and returning pertinent information to the citizen.  Thus far, IoT has been predominantly deployed in private applications for specific purposes. But more and more smart city initiatives are sprouting up where cities and private industry are working together to forge public private partnerships (P3), in order to solve...

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