Huawei looking to create a ‘nervous system’ of smart cities with new release

Huawei, along with Weifeng City, has developed a model based on Narrowband Internet of Things (NB-IoT) and Huawei OceanConnect IoT platform, and is also planning to create a “nervous system” of smart cities.

The NB-IoT city-aware network uses a “one network, one platform, N applications” construction model utilising IoT, cloud computing, Big Data, and other next-generation ICT. The city-level IoT platform is developed for the city to enable unified access, management, and data...

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Urbanova partners with Gallup to further smart city projects

Spokane, WA-based smart city living lab Urbanova is partnering with global analytics and advisory company Gallup to identify meaningful smart city projects.

Under the partnership, Gallup will conduct qualitative in-depth interviews with key stakeholders and comprehensive data review to identify public priorities that smart city projects can address.

Urbanova seeks to identify priorities of citizens and also the “pain points” in the community to effectively align its projects with key issues...

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How smart cities’ smartness can be defined by their neighbours

Opinion Columbus, the capital of Ohio, is well on the way to becoming a smart city. Yet what are its relationships like with nearby cities?

As first reported by Statescoop, a new report by the Chaddick Institute for Metropolitan Development, at DePaul University, argues public transport services in nine metropolitan areas – including Columbus – are ‘pockets of pain’, with no service by Amtrak or express coach lines to cater...

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Exploring IoT value added services for intelligent buildings

In its latest report titled “Intelligent Building Technologies for Value-Added Services”, Navigant Research predicts that by 2026, the North American market for utility-offered IoT intelligent building value-added services (VAS) will grow to as much as $1.2 billion (£9.3bn).

The research firm proffered best and worst use cases; up to $1.2bn for an aggressive scenario, or $135 million under a conservative scenario.

According to the report, the IoT is getting prepared for a dramatic rise in...

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Kritek and Skyline form strategic partnership to offer turnkey smart city solutions

A strategic partnership has been announced between Kritek – a provider of the cloud-native Klover Smart Transportation Platform – and Skyline Products (a leading provider of NTCIP dynamic message signs) to offer new turnkey smart city solutions.

The collaboration will see these companies working on Klover-enable Skyline’s Signs which are securely accessible from the cloud, so they can be easily integrated into Klover’s workflows, and managed from anywhere at any time. Along with their...

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Homeland Security invests $750k to secure IoT disaster sensors

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has announced a $750k investment to develop a solution which bolsters the security of IoT disaster sensors.

Metronome Software, the beneficiary of the DHS’ award, is developing a technology which strengthens the security of IoT sensors. The aim is to ensure the sensors are not compromised in any regard and enable first responders to act quickly.

“Strengthening the security of first responder sensor networks is needed to protect data flows from attack by...

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Macau to push through smart city development with help of Alibaba

Chinese eCommerce provider Alibaba has joined forces with the Government of Macau Special Administrative Region by entering into a strategic partnership framework agreement to support the region’s transformation into a smart city.

Under the four-year contract, Macau will use Alibaba’s cloud computing technologies in order to bring benefits to both residents and tourists visiting the city. As part of the smart city project, advanced technologies will be provided by Alibaba Cloud – the cloud...

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HERE utilises connected car data to ‘supercharge’ its Real-Time Traffic service

HERE technologies has announced its next-generation Real-Time Traffic service which utilises connected car data to improve the accuracy of traffic conditions.

Live data is fed into HERE’s service from sensors built into compatible Audi, BMW, and Mercedes-Benz vehicles with traffic probe information. The company says the use of the sensor data provides ‘significant’ improvements to its traffic flow data, especially on arterial roads.

“This is the world’s first traffic service to...

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UK announces plan to integrate IoT devices with the grid

The UK government has announced its plan to integrate IoT devices with the national grid to improve sustainability and reduce consumer energy costs.

By working alongside manufacturers, the UK government is aiming to create standards for a smarter and more flexible energy system. This could mean some devices are switched on when costs are at their lowest, and others switched off when the grid is under stress.

Examples include a smart washing machine which switches on when electricity is particularly cheap, or...

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South Korea, Singapore and New Zealand rank highly in IDC IoT analysis

South Korea is best placed for Internet of Things (IoT) implementation in the Asia Pacific region, according to the latest note from IDC.

The report, which excludes Japan from its analysis, also heaped praise on Singapore and New Zealand.

South Korea, according to IDC, scored ‘extremely highly’ on all measures, from business readiness to technological preparedness, as well as rating well on IoT spend as a percentage of GDP, meaning the country’s future plans are just as assured as the...

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