John Deere: On partnerships, collaboration and security in IoT for agriculture

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“For us, it starts with the ability to precisely guide a machine – and then we are trying to put more and more smarts into everything we build.”

That one sentence from Lane Arthur (left), director of the Information Solutions Group at agricultural manufacturing giant John Deere, adequately sums up the company’s technological manoeuvres. For a firm which was...

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Berg Insight: IoT platform revenues to hit £2.6bn by 2021


Analyst firm Berg Insight argues that the global third party IoT platform market grew 36% to €610 million (£520.4m) in 2015, and expect revenues to see a 30.8% CAGR to €3.05 billion (£2.60bn) by 2021.

There exist a number of software platforms on the market today aimed at cutting cost and development time for IoT solutions with the provision of standardised components that can be applied across many industry verticals to integrate devices, networks and...

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Why IoT is bringing many benefits to agriculture – but with mixed results


According to the latest note from analyst firm Lux Research, while a number of companies, from John Deere to Verizon, are looking to make a play in IoT for agriculture, there are still question marks over certain projects.

The benefits from the adoption of IoT systems range from double-digit increases in yield to single-digit reductions in inputs like water, fertilizer, seed, or other chemicals. A rise in adoption among growers is directly proportional to the amount of cost savings or...

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Realising the full potential of energy harvesting and the IIoT

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The market for industrial wireless devices is exploding, with wireless technology becoming central to a wide range of applications that will be essential to the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). These applications include AMR/AMI for utility metering, wireless mesh networks, structural sensors, machine to machine (M2M) and system control and data acquisition (SCADA), data loggers, measurement while drilling, oceanographic measurements, and emergency/safety equipment, to name a...

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AT&T to provide connectivity for Biotricity remote monitoring solutions


AT&T has become the preferred network partner for Biotricity’s biometric remote monitoring solutions, the healthcare technology provider has announced.

At present, AT&T is supporting a pilot of the solution. The development will see the telecommunications giant supporting Biotricity’s wearable medical devices with near real-time connectivity for data transmission. Connectivity will be initiated following the rollout of Biotricity’s flagship...

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New report shows how organisations are adopting IoT as part of strategic initiatives


More than 70% of respondents in a new research report from Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) say the IoT is ‘essential’ or ‘important’ to their organisation’s business and technical strategies.

The report titled, “The Rise of the Internet of Things: Connecting Our World One Device at a Time”, is based on criteria defined by John Myers, managing research director of business intelligence and data warehousing at EMA, and Lyndsay Wise,...

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CyberX gets $9 million boost to secure the Industrial IoT


CyberX, a provider of cybersecurity solutions for the Industrial IoT, has raised $9 million (£6.8m) in a funding round led by Flint Capital.

The funding round included existing investors Glilot Capital Partners, Swarth Group, GlenRock, newly joined ff Venture Capital (ffVC) and additional angel investors. CyberX was founded by Omer Schneider and Nir Giller, both veterans of the Israeli Elite Cyber Security Unit.

With the advent of the Industrial Internet along with a rise in...

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Arxan Technologies cites IoT adoption as key to latest financial results


Arxan Technologies has witnessed a record-breaking corporate growth, strong industry recognition and product innovation in H1-FY2016, thanks to rapid adoption of Internet of Things (IoT) and mobile applications.

In H1-FY2016, Arxan saw a growth of 400% and 300% in mobile banking industry and mobile payments, respectively, on a y-o-y basis. Arxan added twice as many new customers in the first half of 2016 as compared to 2015. Moreover, the company secured large deals with customers in...

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CompTIA argues how the channel can benefit from IoT offerings in new research


New research from technology industry trade association CompTIA has found that companies across the information technology (IT) channel are aware and making use of revenue prospects related to the Internet of Things (IoT).

The report, titled “Internet of Things Trends and Opportunities”, has revealed that the number of channel companies gaining revenue from IoT offerings grew from 8% in 2015 to 23% in 2016. Additionally, one-third of channel firms anticipate revenue from...

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Why the IoT is a ‘tech breakthrough megatrend’…along with VR, AI, and more


Pricewaterhouse Coopers (PwC) has named the Internet of Things (IoT) alongside virtual reality, artificial intelligence and 3D printing as one of the eight core technological breakthroughs that the C-suite should “absolutely” consider.

Admitting that none of the technologies picked – including augmented reality, blockchain, drones, and robotics – would be of any surprise to CEOs given the “breathless” coverage often afforded to...

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