Is your business ready to capitalise on IoT in 2017?


Staying one step ahead of the market is what separates the companies that sustain growth from those that optimise their growth by continually taking it to the next level. Businesses with a growth mindset are not resting on their laurels; they are not satisfied with keeping up the status quo – instead, they are actively looking for ways to up their game.

Just in case you have been so buried in your day-to-day that you haven’t come-up for air in the past year – here is a...

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Industrial IoT keeps moving: Three hardware predictions for 2017

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As the Internet of Things (IoT) continues to develop at a rapid speed, it’s always interesting to take a moment to pause and reflect on the fact that we’ve yet to scratch the surface of its impact.

We’re leaving 2016 behind and with that comes the opportunity to gauge where this technological revolution will take us in the upcoming year. While my guess is that no one person can answer that question, here’s a look at the top three buzzworthy trends I...

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Gemalto and AT&T to team up for IoT remote subscription management


Gemalto will be providing its LinqUS On-Demand Connectivity (ODC) subscription management solution to AT&T to help the latter’s worldwide customers deploy new and highly secured Internet of Things (IoT) applications, the company has announced.

Gemalto’s remote subscription management solution and GSMA M2M 3.1 compliant Embedded SIMs (eSIMs) streamlines logistics of providing mobile services for enterprises looking for global mobile connectivity for IoT...

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The data management implications of the Federal Automated Vehicles Policy


The recently published Department of Transportation (DOT) Federal Automated Vehicles Policy provides regulatory guidelines for autonomous – or self driving – vehicle development. While autonomous technologies have been rapidly advancing in recent years, regulatory laws had not kept pace.  This policy resolves the regulatory uncertainty and provides a clear roadmap for deploying autonomous vehicles on public...

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How IoT is set to change the digital marketing landscape in 2017


The most commonly discussed trend in technology circles this year has been the Internet of Things (IoT). Most of us have seen the predictions made by giants like BusinessInsider, Forrester and Gartner. BusinessInsider’s latest reports predict that there will be 34 billion devices connected to the internet by 2020 and that nearly $6 trillion will be spent in the IoT sector over the next five years.

Forrester’s predictions for the near-term are a little darker – in 2017,...

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New research shows how IoT continues to gain momentum in US


A recent report from the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) reveals the exact picture of Americans who are getting used to the Internet of Things (IoT).

The report, which was conducted by MARU/VCR&C and polled over 1,200 US adults, argues that nearly every device, appliance, and even apparels are entering the ‘connected’ domain.

Around two-thirds of Americans, i.e. 62%, own at least one Internet of Things connected device (connected car, connected/smart TV, fitness...

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Microsoft announces partnerships to become major supplier of autonomous car technology

The US Transportation department recently issued proposed rules that all cars and small trucks must be equipped with vehicle-to-vehicle communication technology wherein cars will be able to talk to each other, along with traffic lights, cameras, and other infrastructure. These technologies will be necessary for safe and fully autonomous cars.

Sanjay Ravi, Microsoft’s global managing director for manufacturing...

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Sigfox to expand its network to Slovakia and Estonia


France-based IoT connectivity provider Sigfox has partnered with SimpleCell Networks to introduce the Sigfox network in Slovakia, as well as branching out to Estonia with the help of Connected Finland.

Sigfox already has a presence in Slovakia, but operates with the help of Towercom, a company owned by Macquarie European Infrastructure Fund 4. Nearly 30% of Slovakians are currently using the Sigfox network.

Jan John, Group Director of SimpleCell, said: “We see a great opportunity...

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Software AG acquires Zementis for AI and deep learning expertise


Germany-based enterprise software firm Software AG has acquired US-based Zementis, a provider of deep learning software.

Deep learning is a key ability in machine learning and data science, and a fundamental technology driving the development of artificial intelligence (AI). Software AG considers the current machine learning and AI advances as the basis for the next generation of Internet of Things (IoT) applications such as...

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Our devices may be talking – but are we listening?


More and more, the devices we buy are talking to one another. Consumer and industrial original electronics manufacturers (OEMs) alike are building ‘smart’ devices that are connected to the internet. From devices that we wear, to those in the cars that we drive, in our homes and the buildings we work in, all the way to smart cities. They are all talking. It’s predicted there will be 50 billion connected devices worldwide in 2020, so...

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