New Synopsys tools aiming for more secure and efficient IoT designs with ARM


Designers who use the new ARM Cortex-M23 and Cortex-M33 processors to create IoT solutions will be able to design their products with the help of a recently announced broad tool support by US-based firm Synopses, which is based on the new ARMv8-M architecture.

The Synopsys' design solutions help expedite the process of product design and ensure functional safety of IoT products based on the new ARM processors.

The solutions include the Galaxy Design Platform, which implements...

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Trend Micro looks at security for Internet of Vehicles and other IoT ecosystems


A new security solution that helps enterprises safeguard their connected devices and services against cloud, network and endpoint threats was introduced at the recently held Microsoft IoT Expo in Taipei.

Developed by Trend Micro Incorporated, in collaboration with Microsoft, the newly announced information security protection software development kit enhances security amidst rapid expansion of integration in the global IoT, and specifically the Internet of Vehicles (IoV).

Jerry Liao,...

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Cloud Security Alliance outlines 13 steps to developing secure IoT products


The Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) has outlined a series of best practice guidelines to help IoT designers and developers understand various security measures.

Comprising a baker’s dozen of tips, the document ranges from protecting data, to implementing secure authentication, to secure key management. Naturally, these can be seen as fairly standard security tips, but the report notes that the guidance is not meant “as a substitute for understanding fundamental system...

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AT&T planning to launch LTE-M network pilot in San Francisco


AT&T is planning to launch its new LTE-M network in the San Francisco market as a pilot project.

Slated to start in November 2016, the LTE-M technology is said to connect a wide variety of IoT solutions such as smart utility meters, asset monitoring, vending machines, alarm systems, fleet, heavy equipment, mHealth and wearables.

The implementation of the LTE-M technology will result in lower costs for modules that connect IoT devices to the LTE network; longer battery...

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Samsung acquires Viv AI platform co-founded by Siri creators

(Image Credit: iStockPhoto/Pixtum

Hot on the footsteps of Google's announcement of a much-improved 'Assistant' of its own, Samsung has announced the acquisition of Viv Labs, the AI platform co-founded by the creators of Siri. 

“At Viv, we’re building the simplest way for anyone to talk to devices and services everywhere. We see a future that is decidedly beyond...

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How the eSIM can help turn the IoT from incredible potential to a reality


It’s predicted that by 2020 there will be 11.6 billion mobile devices, according to Huawei, connected by over 500 mobile network operators (MNO) worldwide.

With this growth in connectivity fuelled by trends such as the Internet of Things (IoT), attention is switching to the hardware and whether it is capable of meeting demand. In addition, as connected devices get smaller with...

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Eurotech launches new IoT development kits

Picture credit: Eurotech

Eurotech, an Italian provider of IoT solutions and embedded systems, has announced new IoT development kits that are based on its ReliaGATE IoT gateways for lightly rugged and industrial applications.

The new series of development kits aim to provide a complete design environment for engineers to simplify their development process and time-to-market. Developers can select between various hardware platforms based on their final IoT application solution, such as low-power ARM-based...

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Verizon committing to Cat-M1 LTE IoT connectivity


US telecommunications giant Verizon has said that it will deploy Category M1 connectivity solutions with an open source environment across its 4G LTE network, as part of its strategy to simplify cellular network connectivity and make it economically viable.

Verizon is working with device, module and chipset partners including Nokia, Ericsson, Gemalto, Sierra Wireless, Telit, U-Blox, Sequans and Altair for this deployment, which will help evolve its ecosystem for...

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Intel launches Joule: Analyst notes “respectable” post-PC performance

Picture credit: Intel

Among the plethora of releases, announcements and titbits to come out of Intel’s Developer Forum this week was the Intel Joule compute module, a developer platform aimed squarely at Internet of Things (IoT) development projects.

It perhaps didn’t garner the same amount of column inches as Project Alloy, Intel’s new virtual reality headset. Indeed, VR formed the...

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myDevices partnering with Arduino for greater IoT development


myDevices has announced the integration of its drag-and-drop IoT project builder with Arduino, an open-source software and hardware ecosystem.

The IoT is touted to become a $6 trillion market by 2021 and Arduino is expected to play a key role in solution development for this industry as it offers developers a number of features including WiFi, BLE, IR, NFC and Ethernet among others. Cayenne, on the other hand, streamlines the development process by offering tools to visualise sensor data...

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