Researchers determine ways to connect IoT sensors via ambient waves

Who needs radio communications? IoT sensors could connect via ambient waves getting rid of the radios altogether, according to a new study from Disney Research.

A team of researchers, led by associate lab director and leader of Disney Research's Wireless Systems group Alanson Sample, devised an ultra-low-power system of sensors that transmit data to a central receiver by reflecting the ambient radio waves from commercial broadcasting systems that already bathe most office environments.

The idea is to...

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Amazon sees AI, machine learning, and drones as prime opportunity for UK expansion

In a further commitment to its long-term UK investment, Amazon plans to add 400 staff to its R&D centre in Cambridge to focus on AI, machine learning, and drones.

Engineers hired to work at the centre will include “machine learning scientists, knowledge engineers, data scientists, mathematical modelers, speech scientists, and software engineers.” The new employees will be working on the future of Amazon’s products and services – including the Echo and Kindle lines, and Prime Air...

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The fall and rise of cellular IoT: A guide

Traditionally, the greatest rises tend to precipitate the hardest falls. However, we occasionally encounter a situation where a fall is essential to advancing the greatest of rises.

The case of cellular IoT provides us with such a scenario.

According to recent projections, we can expect to see cellular IoT grow to some 2.4 billion connections by 2025, the majority of which will be in the automotive space, closely followed by security and utilities...

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IoT developers can learn from America’s smart meter mistake

In 2009, experts thought they had the solution to America’s household energy waste: smart meters.

“Smart meters will allow you to actually monitor how much energy your family is using by the month, by the week, by the day, or even by the hour,” President Barack Obama proclaimed that same year, heralding the U.S. government’s $3.4 billion Smart Grid grants.

Now, nearly a decade...

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Linux Foundation aims to solve IoT interoperability with EdgeX Foundry project

The IoT remains a segregated mess, but the Linux Foundation is hoping to bring some unification to the landscape with the launch of its new EdgeX Foundry project.

"One of the key factors holding back IoT designs in the enterprise is that there are too many choices to safely and easily implement a system that will provide a return on investment in a reasonable timeframe," said Mike Krell, Lead IoT Analyst at Moor Insights & Strategy. "EdgeX Foundry will fundamentally change the market...

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Microsoft aims to secure low-cost IoT devices with Project Sopris

Microsoft hopes its Project Sopris initiative will help to secure low-cost IoT devices which have proven to have inherent weaknesses.

Sopris is the name Microsoft has given to an initiative which targets microcontrollers as they represent “a class of device particularly ill-prepared for the security challenges of internet connectivity.”

Tens of billions of devices use microcontrollers and each poses a potential threat to security and privacy. We’ve already seen hacks affecting...

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How AI and robotics will change employment – and why the law needs rethinking

The current wave of automation, driven by artificial intelligence (AI), is creating a gap between current legislation and new laws necessary for an emerging workplace reality, a new report claims.

In its 120-page report, titled “Artificial Intelligence and Robotics and Their Impact on the Workplace”, the International Bar Association Global Employment Institute (IBA GEI) focuses on the potential future trends of AI, and the likely impact intelligent systems will have on the labour market, the...

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Gemalto to help accelerate IoT adoption in Japan with SoftBank

SoftBank Corp has chosen digital security provider Gemalto as a partner for on-demand connectivity (ODC) services which will enable both consumer and industrial machine-to-machine (M2M) IoT connectivity and deployment of value added applications, the latter announced.

As part of this collaborative effort, Gemalto will supply SoftBank with its Remote SIM Provisioning platform, allowing the Japan-based mobile network operator to remotely manage initial connectivity and subscriptions throughout the...

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Five tips on how to successfully crowdfund your IoT product

IoT continues to be a hot topic as more and more companies are creating ‘smart products’ that are revolutionising and simplifying everyday life. If you’re interested in creating an IoT product, crowdfunding can be a great way to bring your idea to life. Not only is it a great way to raise funds, it can also be used for marketing validation, research and development, and buzz-building with your target audience.

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Huawei and Software AG team up for ‘complete Internet of Things solution’

Huawei has announced a new partnership with Software AG to deliver what the companies describe as a ‘complete, one-stop-shop Internet of Things (IoT) solution’.

The plans will entail combining Huawei’s hardware and software portfolio for cloud and edge computing as well as the company’s open IoT platform and network infrastructure, alongside Software AG’s streaming and predictive analytics to “allow for maximum speed and flexibility in operational and strategic decisions...

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