How automakers are transforming their operations through predictive analytics

Imagine driving a new car down the highway. You’re enjoying the open road when a notification appears on the dashboard informing you that you should deviate from your usual route because there is a major backup. You select the alternate route suggested by the car and continue on your merry way, having saved at least an hour of travel time.

Several minutes later you receive another notification letting you know that if your brake pads are not changed within the next week, your brake rotors will begin...

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AI falls on the final furlong in predicting Kentucky Derby winner

The Kentucky Derby, one of the three races which make up the Triple Crown in US horse racing, was won over the weekend by Always Dreaming, the 9-2 favourite which came home by 2 ¾ lengths in cool and damp conditions. Yet for one company which placed its collective AI efforts on predicting the runners and riders correctly, Always Dreaming did not feature in their winners’ enclosure – despite getting the result spot on last year.

Unanimous AI, founded in 2015, offers what it calls...

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Actility acquires Abeeway for greater IoT location services

Actility, an IoT and M2M solutions provider, has acquired geolocation system specialist Abeeway with the aim to provide a best in class portfolio of IoT location services to support service providers and solution vendors across a wide range of industry sectors.

Abeeway, already a market leader in tracking devices, offers on-demand geolocation, movement alerts or geofencing that use GPS signals to determine their location, but energy-efficient LoRaWAN communication to pass that location to a tracking...

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Intel’s big bets on autonomous driving unveiled: “Unwavering confidence” in success

Intel has opened the doors to its Silicon Valley Innovation Center for Autonomous Driving and, with a slew of partners in tow, gave further insight into its push towards the connected car space.

Among the announcements was a reveal of one of the first highly automated vehicles developed in partnership with BMW and Mobileye, which Intel acquired for $15.3 billion in March, alongside demonstrating with Ericsson. over the...

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Opinion: What makes a smart home truly smart?

Opinion What makes a smart home smart? An increasing number of companies want to know the answer to that question. According to a recent report from Harbor Research, “the smart home market is gaining substantial momentum, with an estimated 900 million smart devices existing in households across the world today."

At the most basic level, a smart home is one that has sensor-enabled products that are part of the Internet of Things (IoT), plus a way to...

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From idea to monetisation: How big data can drive change in car dealerships

IHS Automotive predicts that by 2020, around 152 million connected cars will be generating up to 30 terabytes of data every day. Businesses that will be able to properly use this treasure will obviously be on a roll; so it’s worth talking about the ways this information can be used and what will be required for it.

Digital technologies are changing the world. Things are no longer just ‘things’ – they are turning into information and media centres connected to the Internet, joined into...

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Users mostly satisfied with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, new research affirms

A new report from Strategy Analytics has revealed that users are overall satisfied with in-vehicle infotainment systems Apple Car Play and Android Auto, although adding a note of caution around integration affecting the overall user experience.

The report, titled ‘Consumers Largely Satisfied with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto’, surveyed new vehicle owners in the US and found CarPlay and Android Auto are preferred for duplicate features; CarPlay is easy to use given its similarity to an Apple...

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A look at the role of SDN in the development of smart cities

South Korea’s “Global Digital Seoul 2020” initiative is a four-year plan to deploy enough free Wi-Fi to cover the entire city, including buses and trains. The free Wi-Fi portion of this initiative is scheduled to be completed by 2017, but the overall plan extends well beyond Wi-Fi. Seoul is planning to be a leader in smart city technology, which includes projects like real-time parking availability.

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From Internet of Things to the Internet of the Individual: The foundation for success

There is now a powerful computer that lines the inside of our pockets or handbag at all times - a smartphone - and it’s the most important tool in a growing ecosystem of connected devices. From this communication hub, one has access to information from a myriad of IoT devices - from smart refrigerators, thermostats, and security cameras to wearable technologies like smartwatches and fitness trackers. It also offers a central repository for recording and tracking information individuals generate on the...

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Microsoft and Toyota to collaborate for enhanced connected car experience

Microsoft and Toyota have announced a new agreement including ‘broad coverage’ for connected car technologies and expanding upon their previous partnership.

Previous developments between the two companies include the Toyota Big Data Centre based on Azure – working to make driving ‘more personal, more intuitive and safer’, according to a blog at the time –...

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