Users mostly satisfied with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, new research affirms

A new report from Strategy Analytics has revealed that users are overall satisfied with in-vehicle infotainment systems Apple Car Play and Android Auto, although adding a note of caution around integration affecting the overall user experience.

The report, titled ‘Consumers Largely Satisfied with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto’, surveyed new vehicle owners in the US and found CarPlay and Android Auto are preferred for duplicate features; CarPlay is easy to use given its similarity to an Apple...

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A look at the role of SDN in the development of smart cities

South Korea’s “Global Digital Seoul 2020” initiative is a four-year plan to deploy enough free Wi-Fi to cover the entire city, including buses and trains. The free Wi-Fi portion of this initiative is scheduled to be completed by 2017, but the overall plan extends well beyond Wi-Fi. Seoul is planning to be a leader in smart city technology, which includes projects like real-time parking availability.

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From Internet of Things to the Internet of the Individual: The foundation for success

There is now a powerful computer that lines the inside of our pockets or handbag at all times - a smartphone - and it’s the most important tool in a growing ecosystem of connected devices. From this communication hub, one has access to information from a myriad of IoT devices - from smart refrigerators, thermostats, and security cameras to wearable technologies like smartwatches and fitness trackers. It also offers a central repository for recording and tracking information individuals generate on the...

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Microsoft and Toyota to collaborate for enhanced connected car experience

Microsoft and Toyota have announced a new agreement including ‘broad coverage’ for connected car technologies and expanding upon their previous partnership.

Previous developments between the two companies include the Toyota Big Data Centre based on Azure – working to make driving ‘more personal, more intuitive and safer’, according to a blog at the time –...

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Gartner muses on importance of algorithms for Industry 4.0 projects

Algorithms are vital for Industry 4.0, and as Thomas Oestreich, managing vice president at research company Gartner puts it: “…the connected world of cyber-physical systems has to deal with the sheer volume, real-time velocity and diversity of data; and in order to drive new value and differentiating innovations, new algorithms need to be developed. This is making algorithms the pulse of Industry 4.0 initiatives.”

Gartner predicts that at least 30% of Industry 4.0 projects will source their...

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Cincinnati and Philadelphia moving ahead with smart city projects

Plenty of cities are pushing through small-scale projects in order to eventually create a utopian ‘smart city’ – more than 175 cities around the world, according to Navigant Research – and now Cincinnati and Philadelphia are getting behind their own projects for smarter applications and greater Wi-Fi accessibility respectively.

The City of Cincinnati yesterday issued a request for...

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Why Ford is the poster child of Fortune 500 connected technology adoption

Connected technology - a proponent of the all-consuming Internet of Things (IoT) - is, well, connecting to every facet of our lives and cars are no exception. Connected automobiles that can send and receive signals from the world around them, including with other traffic. According to Big Four Accountancy firm PwC, connected services are due to generate sales of $155 billion, making it no surprise that car manufacturers are getting on board.

To some...

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Retailers unsure with IoT investment, new report finds

Retailers remain ‘stuck’ when it comes to the Internet of Things (IoT), despite being increasingly aware of its impact on customer engagement and competitive advantage, according to a new report from Retail Systems Research (RSR) and Software AG.

The report argues the difficulty comes about due to operational challenges and a lack of supporting infrastructure.

According to the RSR research, 70% of retailers acknowledge that IoT will drastically change the way they do business in the next three...

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HCL framework outlines three stages of enterprise IoT maturity

Enterprises need to undertake business transformation through the Internet of Things (IoT) in three stages of maturity to increase the value from their investments, according to a missive from HCL Technologies.

The IoT maturity framework, which can be found in MIT Sloan Management Review, has as its first level of maturity increased process efficiency using IoT-enabled data, building new revenue streams as stage two, and business transformation leveraging IoT data-led insights as stage three.

The framework comes off the

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Win the bidding war with IoT innovation: The proof is in the proposal

Technology-driven innovations in proposal management have already vastly reduced the time sales teams spend on the proposal process, just at the moment this can be anywhere up to a huge 40%. Creating a more streamlined journey that enables sellers to determine which bids they’re most likely to win through quick and insightful data analysis is now possible, which at this time, can already increase win rates by almost a third.

However, the technology available to businesses has been so rapid in its...

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