BlackBerry release guidelines to accelerate connected car security

BlackBerry is aiming to address connected car security concerns with a framework intended to harden them against cyber attacks.

Connected cars herald an era where you no longer just have to protect them from being physically broken into, but also hacked into. Compromised vehicles could pose a threat to safety through remote control, or be used to access sensitive data such as location.

I’ve covered hacks of connected cars on...

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Juniper Networks and Telefónica collaborate over self-driving network

Juniper Networks and Telefónica are joining hands to develop the latter’s vision of a self-driving network.

The network will be the next iteration of Telefónica's Fusión Network – a platform built to drive digital transformation for its customers across Spain wherein Juniper will be a key partner. The project will help develop and implement new tools and processes in order to improve the quality of services, which are being offered to Telefónica customers.

The goal...

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Mojio secures $30m to speed up its connected car solution

Canadian connected vehicle startup Mojio has managed to secure a total of $30 million in Series B funding round led by Kensington Capital.

Mojio, whose connected-vehicle solution helps transform any car into a connected one, plans to utilise the funding to speed up the automotive solution and expand globally. The Mojio device supported by seven wireless carriers operates in five nations at present.

According to company CEO Kenny Hawk, thus far Mojio has transformed 500,000 vehicles into connected vehicles...

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As connected cars gain traction, consumers are more concerned about their security

As rollouts and developments in the connected car space continue, consumers are becoming more fearful of their influence.

That is according to the latest study from Thales, in association with Wakefield Research, which finds that three out of five respondents – with 1,000 adults in the US and UK polled – say they are more concerned about the security of internet-based vehicle technology now than compared with five years ago.

In total, 29% of US and 24% of UK respondents said they were ‘much...

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Uber to buy thousands of Volvo autonomous drive compatible cars

Uber has signed a non-exclusive agreement with Volvo Cars to buy tens of thousands of self-driving compatible base vehicles between 2019 and 2021.

The Uber-Volvo Cars strategic partnership announced in August 2016 has been further enhanced with the new agreement, according to which Volvo Cars will supply an undisclosed number of XC90 premium SUVs to the ride sharing company. Engineers from both the companies worked together to formulate the car equipped with all required safety and core autonomous driving...

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Connected cars: The road to security and flexibility

Connected cars are driving the IoT revolution. BI Intelligence expects 381 million connected cars to be on the road by 2020, up from 36 million in 2015. Total revenues generated throughout the same period are estimated to reach $8.1 trillion.

With such opportunity, however, comes the prospect of unprecedented security and logistical challenges. This article explores the development of the connected car market alongside these emerging...

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Autonomous vehicles: Three key use cases of advanced analytics shaping the industry

Driven by analytics, the culture of the automobile, including conventional wisdom about how it should be owned and driven is changing. Case in point, take the evolution of the autonomous vehicle. Already, the very notion of what a car is capable of is being radically rethought based on specific analytics use cases, and the definition of the ‘connected car’ is evolving daily.

Vehicles can now analyse information from drivers and passengers to provide insights into driving patterns, touch point...

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Qualcomm, AT&T, Ford and Nokia team up for US cellular V2X trials

Qualcomm, AT&T, Ford, and Nokia have announced the first cellular V2X (vehicle to everything) trials in the United States.

The tests are expected to take place in the San Diego Regional Proving Ground, with support from McCain, an intelligent transportation solutions provider, and the San Diego Association of Governments (SANDAG) among others.

The move comes precisely two months after Qualcomm launched what it called a

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How IoT is reducing insurance premiums for smart drivers

Insurance: it’s something that you'd prefer to have and not need, rather than suddenly need but don’t have. Which is why in most industries and sectors, insurance is a pre-requisite before you can do certain activities. It gives you protection and coverage from sudden eventualities.

Take the case of driving a motor vehicle, for example. According to statistics, 1.25 million people die from automotive accidents annually. Also consider the cost...

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Intel and Mobileye proffer new mathematical formula for driverless car safety

Intel and Mobileye have developed a mathematical model which aims to improve driverless car safety – and absolve autonomous vehicles of blame should the worst happen.

As a paper from the companies outline, the solution is to “set clear rules for fault in advance based on a mathematical model… if the rules are predetermined, then the investigation can be very short and based on facts, and responsibility can be determined conclusively.”

The safe distance formula, for posterity, is:

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