Users mostly satisfied with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, new research affirms

A new report from Strategy Analytics has revealed that users are overall satisfied with in-vehicle infotainment systems Apple Car Play and Android Auto, although adding a note of caution around integration affecting the overall user experience.

The report, titled ‘Consumers Largely Satisfied with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto’, surveyed new vehicle owners in the US and found CarPlay and Android Auto are preferred for duplicate features; CarPlay is easy to use given its similarity to an Apple...

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DRIVEN consortium will undertake ‘groundbreaking’ driverless car trial

A consortium of vehicle companies known as DRIVEN has announced plans to undertake a ‘groundbreaking’ driverless car trial between Oxford and London on UK roads and motorways.

Most current UK driverless car trials have focused on areas with slow-moving traffic or not on public roads. Using V2V (Vehicle-to-Vehicle) technology, the cars will communicate with each other to warn of potential hazards. While the cars will drive autonomously, a human will be on board in the vehicle to help ensure safety...

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Air-based taxis step closer to reality as Lilium tests VTOL jet

Uber’s specialist Elevate team may have received the most coverage for pursuing on-demand air-based taxis, but Lilium appears closest to reaching our skies after completing initial tests of its electric-powered vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) jet.

The current tests are unmanned and conducted remotely in a two-seater prototype, but the next goal for Lilium is to produce a bigger five-seat...

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Opinion: Maximising the value of connected cars

In 2015, nearly 17.5 million new cars were sold in the United States — the largest total ever recorded. Business is clearly booming in the auto industry, and manufacturers have every reason in the world to celebrate this resurgence. 

However, they shouldn’t celebrate for too long. With this incredibly high demand comes an increased need for production speed, efficiency, and quality — areas the industry has struggled to address throughout...

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Autonomous vehicles could make up a quarter of all miles driven in the US by 2030

A new piece of research by The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) has found that by 2030, around a quarter of miles driven in the US could be in shared autonomous electric vehicles that will offer consumers in large cities the lowest-cost, most convenient form of transportation.

According to BCG’s key insight, the convergence of three trends, ridesharing – Uber and Lyft – and autonomous driving and vehicle electrification, create a far more compelling economic case than any of these forces alone....

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Grand Theft Auto 5 is training driverless cars – but you shouldn’t be worried

Researchers are using the vibrancy of Grand Theft Auto 5’s world to help train driverless cars in dealing with unpredictable scenarios quickly and safely.

The use of virtual worlds helps developers to optimise their AIs within a safe environment before rolling out the technology into the real world. Players of GTA 5 will be aware the game offers various densities of traffic and pedestrians which help to simulate real world scenarios. In cities, the volume of traffic on the roads and footfall on the...

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Details emerge from Google lawsuit against former employee suspected of taking self-driving secrets to Uber

New details have emerged in Google’s lawsuit against former employee Anthony Levandowski who the company accuses of stealing trade secrets about self-driving cars and supplying them to competitors.

Levandowski collaborated with competing self-driving car projects while in his role at Google before allegedly stealing trade secrets about the company’s proprietary technology and supplying them to Uber, according to a court filing.

The filing claims the plot to steal trade secrets dates back to 2012,...

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Fujitsu and VMware expand partnership for IoT solutions in automobile industry

Fujitsu and VMware have announced they are expanding their strategic partnership combining the former’s over the air programming with the latter’s IoT solutions.

The move will enable automobile manufacturers and partners to drive robust solutions with regard to connected cars and autonomous driving.

As the number of electronic control units (ECUs) managing automotive parts increases in cars, the software embedded into the ECUs has become more sophisticated, and in turn, is becoming more...

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Toyota and NTT team up for platform and R&D around connected cars

Toyota will work with Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation (NTT) to develop, verify and standardised technology in the connected car field, the company has announced.

Both companies will conduct joint R&D of technologies necessary for solving various issues ranging from traffic accidents, congestion, to provide customers with new mobility services that are aimed at realising a sustainable Smart Mobility Society in the future at global level.

The collaboration will further lead to create technologies...

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Uber halts its self-driving car trials in Arizona following a crash

Uber will be halting trials of its self-driving cars in Arizona following a collision between one of its vehicles and another road user.

While the accident could have stoked fears about how reliable self-driving technology is, the incident may work in favour of Uber. Local police concluded the company’s vehicle was not at fault and the other car failed to yield which caused Uber’s Volvo SUV to flip – as seen in this spectacular photo.

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